Life Updates: Where I’m At

Hello lovely readers!

I wanted to do a little life updates post because you may have noticed I haven’t been as active here.

I’ve been feeling a little burnt out again from the energy that consistent blogging and all the associated promo requires, as well as in fitting blogging in with my ongoing job search. Job applications take a lot of work! And I haven’t been feeling up to tackling both job apps and blogging some weeks.

Photo of a suspension bridge in the distance on a cloudy day. At the bottom of the photo is a rocky beach and a large ocean, and tall trees on the other side of the bridge across the water.
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Life Updates: Pie Day

I know it’s technically another holiday today but I much prefer Pi(e) Day so I had to catch you all up on our adventures over the weekend!

Liam and I made a spontaneous decision last year to track down some pie after learning on the day that it was Pi Day. We went to a local place on Liam’s suggestion, Savary Island Pie Company, and each got a slice — apple for me and raspberry rhubarb for him. It was a beautiful sunshine-y day so we could sit outside with our pie (and whip cream and ice cream).

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