Lovely Libraries: Travelling

A surprise Lovely Libraries post! I’m all caught up on my Toronto libraries but today I wanted to talk about libraries I’ve visited as a tourist.

In my travels, I often try to visit local libraries in new cities. It’s fun to see how their library is organized and the displays they have, as well as some of the beautiful architecture in the bigger ones. I’ve been to ones in New York, Ottawa, and Athens, and most recently in Los Angeles!

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Life Updates: Vancouver Highlights

Well, life certainly changed since I shared my last Vancouver life update, so it’s about time for a wrap-up. I’d shared some of my bucket list items for exploring the city before I left in March, but of course then a pandemic hit!

There were many things I didn’t get to but I still hope to be back soon, when all is good and healthy, to check off more things from my list. But in good news, many of my must-sees were out in nature so totally doable even with social distancing!

Here’s a few of my favourite spots, from my last month and throughout my whole time there!


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Life Updates: A Good Sunday!

Hey all! I wanted to do another check-in after leaving you with my sad one last week. Plus you get 3 posts this week!

Last week, Tuesday hit me pretty hard, even though I got to enjoy a beautiful day in a beautiful space. But then I had a really good Sunday! (Plus tons of people visited our exhibit at work last week after reading the article I was interviewed for, so that felt really good)

I started out at a garage sale (I was on the hunt for a cheap, cozy chair which I have now secured) and stumbled across a little park and creek along the way which turned out to be a salmon nursery! It was really beautiful and calming, I love to listen to water trickling down, and now I know of a great place nearby to go for walks.

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