Book Hiding: Returning Faves – Toronto Bucket List

I’m back with the last round (for now) of Toronto book hiding memories, with my series where I share the books I hid at each spot on my Toronto Bucket List.

You can also check out my book hiding overview and tips post, as well as my recap of outdoor locales and indoor spaces in Toronto, to learn more about book hiding and how to get started!

Today I have some very special spots, the places I frequented while I was in Toronto that I wanted to return to one last time before I left the city. So here are my:

Returning Faves!

Photo of a concrete ramp leading up to a building. A book is barely visible propped up against the wall of the building. Trees and blue sky are in the background.
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Book Hiding: Indoor Spaces – Toronto Bucket List

More book hiding memories today! Round 2 of my recap of my Toronto Bucket List book drops, where I hid a book at each spot I’d been wanting to visit.

For more on book hiding, check out my overview and tips post and my post on the outdoor locales in Toronto where I hid some books.

Today’s group is all indoor so they may be less likely as ideas for your own book hiding currently, though I did hide many of the books outside these spaces. So let’s get into it:

Indoor Spaces!

Photo of Sam standing on a ladder leaning against a bookshelf. She wears a black dress and smiles at the camera and her left leg is kicked back.
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Book Hiding: Outdoor Locales – Toronto Bucket List

I’m back with more on book hiding! Today I’m recapping my Toronto Bucket List from last year, where I hid a book at each spot I’d been wanting to visit! Hopefully you find some inspiration for hiding your own books – Delectable Drops, as my boyfriend suggested for the title of this series.

This was my biggest book hiding adventure thus far (I hid 20 books over 3 months), mostly instigated by the need to downsize before my move home, and it was so much fun! It felt great to visit all these spots that had been on my list for a while and have some tangible connection to each as well.

I’ve broken them down into a couple groups because there were so many. First up are:

Outdoor Locales!

Photo of the skyline of Toronto in the distance. In the foreground is a wooden railing in front of many green trees and bushes.
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