Mini Reviews: Complicated Relationships

Today’s mini reviews are a very rough grouping under this “complicated relationships” heading. One book follows a friendship falling apart, one is filled with original fairytales with some very suspect (and killer) family members, and one is about a family who’s moved into a haunted house so they, and the ghost, have to figure out their new arrangement. It mostly works!

I felt mixed on these books but there is a lot to love in each and I think it really came down to my expectations before reading them. Let me know if you’ve read any of these and what your thoughts were!

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Mini Reviews: More 2020 Reads

Still catching up on reviews of my 2020 reads so I’ve got more mini reviews for you this week! A couple more books I enjoyed last year, and that are all quick reads if you’re looking for shorter length books.

Book cover for Pemmican Wars by Katherena Vermette. Illustration of a girl with braided hair and headphones in her ears.

Pemmican Wars by Katherena Vermette, illustrated by Scott B. Henderson
YA Graphic Novel

I’ve had this series on my list for a little while but didn’t realize just how recent a release it is (the third book came out in 2020). So I’m looking forward to continuing with the series as new books come out. My review here will be based on the first 3 books in this series, A Girl Called Echo (but no spoilers!), as each book is quite short so it’s difficult to review their impact on their own.

We follow Echo, a young Métis girl living in a foster home and struggling with being separated from her mother. As her history teacher starts his lesson on the Pemmican Wars, Echo finds herself transported to the 1800s and gets to experience this history first-hand. A bit of dream-like fantasy mixed in with history. Each book tackles a different event or time period in Métis history so readers can follow this timeline through to the present. There are some fun Easter eggs in the illustrations too, like real books on the shelves when Echo goes to the library that I loved being able to identify.

The only thing holding me back is that they’re very, very short! They’re all under 50 pages and there are several spreads in the book that are solely illustrations. As someone really interested in this history, I would’ve liked a deeper dive but I do appreciate these books as a starter so I can seek out more sources, which are included in bibliographies in each!

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Review: Nothing Much Happens by Kathryn Nicolai

Book cover for Nothing Much Happens by Kathryn Nicolai. Illustration of a woman in bed with the cover pulled up to her chin, a book open cover up and lying on her.

Title: Nothing Much Happens: Calming Stories to Soothe Your Mind & Help You Sleep
Author: Kathryn Nicolai
Genre: Self-Help
Publisher: Penguin Life
Publication Date: October 6, 2020
Format / source: eBook / ARC from publisher
Purchase: Penguin Random House
Rating: ★★★☆☆

I was very intrigued by this book when I came across it as it’s meant to help you sleep and I need all the help I can get!

Some nice stories here to get lost in that as well as calming you down before sleep double as “stories that allow you to imaginatively explore the city and hang out with friends when unable to do so in real life because a pandemic has led to lockdowns and restrictions”. I’m very surprised they didn’t go with that alternate subtitle 😛

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