Challenges: 2021 Goals and Chosen TBR

I’ve been talking a lot about 2020 with my recaps (and I’m not quite done yet) but now that I’ve wrapped up my 2020 challenges, I want to get into my plans for the new year. Here are some of my goals for both my blogging and my reading in 2021!

Side note: will I ever be able to type 2021 without first typing 20201?

2021 Blogging Goals

I wrote 129 posts in 2020, my second highest in a year since starting this blog, though without my June hiatus I likely would’ve broken past my 2017 record too. But it was also my highest viewership by far in my almost 5 years of blogging (2x as much as last year and almost 1.5x from my highest post year)! I’m really pleased that this year when I felt I’d found more of my voice and shared many creative features, readers really responded!

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2020 Recap: Final Challenge Update

As someone who doesn’t like to put too much pressure on my reading, I signed up for an awful lot of challenges last year! I’m not usually into planning my reads ahead of time as I just go where motivation takes me, but it helped that most of the challenges I set for myself were aimed at tackling the books I already own or want to read.

You can check out my initial challenges post for 2020, but below I’ll go into detail on how I did!

2020 Challenges

I like to keep my TBR pile in check so I always set a goal to reduce my Goodreads to-read shelf to under 200. I made it to 198 by the end of the year! Though of course that’s already increased with new books I’ve learned about this year 😛

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Challenges: 2020 Check-In

I set a couple reading challenges for myself this year (in addition to some monthly ones) and with only 3 months of 2020 to go, it’s time to see how I’m doing!

I’ve got 3 year-long challenges that I set for myself: my “chosen TBR”, my Quarantine TBR, and the alphabet challenge. Here’s the progress I’ve made so far:

Chosen TBR

At the end of 2019, I asked for you all to give me a number so I could make a (manageable) TBR of books to read in 2020, narrowed down from my Goodreads TBR. I chose 10 books based on those numbers (according to where they were on the list):

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