Challenges: Bout of Books 31 Wrap-Up

Hello all! I didn’t make a dedicated post about it but last week was the 31st iteration of the Bout of Books readathon!

I had other things going on this week (cleaning the house, sunny adventures, a job interview!) but still got a few good days of reading in, and I was happy to chip away at a couple current reads. Here are my stats for the week!

Books read: 2

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Challenges: Bout of Books 30 Wrap-Up

This past week did not go at all as expected but I’m grateful for the Bout of Books team in creating this space where we could all come together and read, and also find ways to support the community. Resources can only get us so far but I’ll remind you all that I’ve gathered anti-racist resources created by many different folks if you’re looking for some starting points or action items.

I wasn’t sure how much I’d end up reading, but with a lot of days home alone and wanting to avoid doom-scrolling, I made a pretty good dent in my TBR. Here’s how I did this week:

Books read: 3

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Challenges: Bout of Books 30

Graphic for Bout of Books. Text reads "Bout of Books readathon 1/4 - 1/10" over illustration of a sick woman with a thermometer in her mouth behind a pile of books.

Very excited for another Bout of Books readathon this week, especially as I haven’t read a single page yet this year! This’ll be my 11th time participating and I’m looking forward to getting lost in a book and learning what others are reading.

The title of this post is a bit misleading as Bout of Books isn’t challenging at all! I really love this readathon because it’s exactly what you make it — no pressure to read, optional challenges, just a week dedicated to reading to spend however you like.

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