Music Monday: Haikus Continued

Welcome to the fourth instalment of my musical haikus!

With this feature, I take 5- and 7- syllable phrases from songs I’m currently listening to and mix and match them to create new haikus! For more of my poems, check out the haiku tag.

Read on for the poems I created this week and links to the songs I pulled from!

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Music Monday: More Haikus

I’m back with more haikus!

Some years ago I realized that many of the lyrics in songs I was listening to had 5 and 7-syllable phrases — perfect for haikus! So I mixed and matched them to create some new poems.

I felt like trying out this poetry style again as I’ve been listening to several new songs lately so I had many lyrics to choose from in creating more musical haikus. You can check out the other poems I’ve created from song lyrics in the haiku tag!

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Mini Reviews: Complicated Relationships

Today’s mini reviews are a very rough grouping under this “complicated relationships” heading. One book follows a friendship falling apart, one is filled with original fairytales with some very suspect (and killer) family members, and one is about a family who’s moved into a haunted house so they, and the ghost, have to figure out their new arrangement. It mostly works!

I felt mixed on these books but there is a lot to love in each and I think it really came down to my expectations before reading them. Let me know if you’ve read any of these and what your thoughts were!

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