Mini Reviews: Own Voices

I’m still behind on some 2020 reviews so it’s time for mini reviews! Thankfully last year I got caught up on my previous years’ worth of reviews so there’s just a couple more I’d like to share my thoughts on.

Today’s collection have very little to do with one another but they are all own voices-authored!

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Mini Reviews: Non-Fiction Reads

Some mini reviews coming your way this month as I’ve finished more books! I’m still reading very slowly compared to my usual pace but I’ve got a lot of interesting reads on the go right now (which I’ll share soon) and finding some more enjoyable time to read so all is good. First up, some non-fiction reads, both unintentionally biographies/memoirs about Canada! Continue reading

Reviews: Metatron Press

Very happy and grateful to have received two new releases from Metatron Press, so let’s talk about them!

Love Speech by Xiaoxuan/Sherry Huang
Genre: Poetry | Essays | Gender Studies

Love Speech is an auto-theoretical book that reads both like poetry and an epistle; a textile of literary mothers shot through with cultural-political feelings, threads of conversation, and moments from queer life. Love Speech takes it titles from an ethics of addressability that Judith Butler originally raises to examine what makes language such as hate speech hurtful. “Our very being exposes us to the address of another,” she says (via Claudia Rankine’s account in Citizen: An American Lyric.) Butler considers the inverse in several conversations, and Huang, too, is more devoted to theorizing and enacting love speech further. 

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The blurb caught my attention because I’ve read some of Judith Butler’s work and was interested in learning more about gender studies and language. At the same time, I found the blurb overwhelming and thought this was likely one I’d need to take my time with and maybe have a dictionary handy. Continue reading