Guest Post: Procrastination by Michael P Michaud

Today’s guest post covers something we’ve probably all dealt with! I procrastinate a great many things in my life and it’s at least comforting to know many authors are in the same boat. Here’s author Michael P. Michaud’s take on this ever-present challenge and his methods of overcoming it (as well as details about his latest book)!


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The Introvert by Michael P. Michaud
Genre: Black Humour Crime Novella

A vacuum salesman by day, the introvert lives a quiet life alone with his dog until a work relationship and a dark secret from his past team up to create an uncomfortable imbalance in his otherwise ordered life, one that soon finds him squarely at the center of a murder investigation. With his thoughts continually urging him to make people “red and open” and to “achieve it” with his girlfriend Donna, what follows is a sometimes brutal, oftentimes hilarious, and absurdist account of the life of one very anti-social and unexpected anti-hero.

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On a recent trip to Montreal, amidst visiting a lonely Capybara at Biodome and imbibing on carbs from St-Viateur Bagel, I came upon a sculpture* that epitomized most writers – which is to say, it epitomized most people.

At first blush it defied me. Here was a young writer hard at work, so ensconced in his craft that he failed to perceive – or was consciously apathetic to – the squirrel shimmying up his side, or the haphazard state of affairs of his value meal. Focused. Steadfast in his commitment, it was both infuriating and inspiring.

Then I peeked at his screen: just a lazy comment on the death of Steve Jobs. No creative masterpiece underway. No opus. Not one sentence.

Utter procrastination.

And in that moment, I knew he was a writer, after all.

The sculpture was a perfect microcosm of all of us. Indeed, nearly everyone I meet tells me they want to write a book. This is not hyperbole, and the chances are that you’re even nodding yourself as you read this. But when I ask these same people why they don’t or haven’t, the explanations are universally:

  1. Not having the time, or
  2. Being overwhelmed by the enormity of the project

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Review: Little Forevers by Katie Kaleski

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First book tour (and review) of August! This cute, new YA book is courtesy of the author and Xpresso Book Tours!

August will likely be my last month of full-time blogging for some time so I have a bunch of reviews to share with you before I take a break, and hopefully you’ll find something to add to your TBR 🙂

Little Forevers by Katie Kaleski
Genre: Contemporary / Romance / YA

Phoebe likes Gage, but there’s a problem—he’s her brother’s best friend.

As the result of an extra-marital affair, Phoebe Bautista has had little contact with her dad, none with her step-mom, and her siblings have just recently learned of her of her existence. Now she goes to stay with them while her mom is on assignment in The Yukon for three months. As she tries to find her place and navigate the developing and rocky relationship with her temporary family, she begins to spend time playing music with her brother, Oliver, along with his best friend, Gage.

Gage is cute, smart, has selective mutism, and makes Phoebe’s heart skip a beat, but she knows she has to fight her feelings for him, so she doesn’t ruin her growing bond with Oliver. But the more time the three of them spend together, the harder it becomes to ignore what she feels for Gage, especially when she learns he might like her too.

And with her dad pretending everything’s fine, the fact that she might never belong anywhere, and knowing that she only has so much time with her new family, Phoebe might not make it out with her heart intact.

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The “brother’s best friend” is probably a commonly used trope at this point but I’ve certainly never seen this twist before! In this case, Phoebe is the result of an affair and is now moving in with this other family, who maybe hate her because of the reminder she brings of her dad’s unfaithfulness. A heavy weight on anyone’s shoulders, I’m sure! Still, even with all this family drama, the story ultimately comes back to Phoebe and her forbidden love – a YA romance at heart.

This is a cute story but it was a little weak in its delivery. Reading it, I really thought that it was the author’s first book because it seems to not quite have the structure and flow down. Still, I really enjoyed the story despite it being a little rough around the edges.

It was really just the delivery bringing my rating down so here’s what I liked:

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