Life Updates: Summer Transition

Time for some life updates cuz it’s been a while since we’ve caught up (not that there’s much to catch up on)!

I was going to call this post “Dog Days of Summer” but then I looked up the phrase and it apparently refers to the hottest period of summer and not the weird last few weeks where we keep alternating between summer and fall weather like I’d assumed. So instead we have a ‘transition’ post because hasn’t this whole year been preparing us for loads of change.

Sam takes a selfie, smiling with a white dog on her lap who's face is turned up to her. Sam has long, dark brown hair and is wearing a blue hoodie.

One dog enjoying the last days of summer

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Life Updates: Summer Fun

Hello all! I’m really glad I’ve somehow managed to maintain 3 posts/week lately! I’ve figured out what I’d like to write about for the rest of the month so motivation and creative ideas are up from last month! Feeling very good!

And now, how about some life updates with some of what I’ve been up to this summer?

I haven’t done this yet but perhaps we’ll find a secluded beach or wading pool. Gif: Giphy

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