Spines Speak: December TBR

Today’s post is a mix of life updates and some reading plans! Thanks to those who voted for what I should post on my Twitter poll, though I’m ignoring the winning choice of ‘mini reviews’ 😛

I don’t often set a monthly TBR but as I’m getting ready to move at the end of the month (and unfortunately can’t fit all my books in my suitcase), I’ve picked out a few books I’d like to read before I leave.

In some exciting news, my library re-opened for curbside pick-up! I’d talked about my plans for IndigAThon being a bit derailed as I was planning to read a bunch of library books but my library closed before I could pick up my holds. But over a month later, I’ve got my books!

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Life Updates: November Scheduling

I have some pretty big plans in the works I haven’t shared here yet: I’m moving back to BC! I don’t have a specific date yet but I’ll be spending the Christmas holidays with my fam and then heading back to the coast at the end of the year.

Photo of a large blue body of water surrounded by large green islands. The sky is blue with wavy clouds.

View of the water from Bowen Island!

With these plans and Covid wreaking its (at this point usual) havoc, I’ve been feeling stressed! It feels like there’s so much out of my control and everything is already incredibly unmanageable, especially with another lockdown in Winnipeg potentially making some of my wrap-up/moving plans more difficult.

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Life Updates: Halloween Fun

Happy Halloween month!

I’m not a huge Halloween person, I don’t dress up or go to haunted houses or parties (certainly not this year), but I still get really excited when the holiday comes around (and not just because I get to eat leftover candy from the trick-or-treaters 😛 ).

Photo of a sausage and ham pizza inside a pizza box. One slice is missing.

Last year’s plans involved eating this whole pizza and watching the Sherlock Christmas special 😛

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