Grad Refresh

I don’t know if that title makes sense but it’s time for another grad school/life update while I prep for my second year!

I say ‘refresh’ because in less than a week I’ll be finished my summer course and get to go home for a nice break (and some fun theatre). I’ve had a few breaks since I started grad school but I’ve pretty much been going since last September so I’ll finally have a whole month off and I am looking forward to it!

I’m about halfway through my final essay for this course but let’s talk about more fun things — what’s on my to-do list for when I’m home!

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Blog Tour!

Hey everyone!

Today I thought I’d do an intro-type post to take you on a little tour of my blog and see what’s beyond this home page. I’ve been getting some emails lately asking for reviews so now seemed like a good time to say I’m not currently accepting review requests, which is clearly stated on my Review Policy page. And since many people seem to be missing that key information, we might as well just explore the whole site! 😉

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Tips and Tricks: Organizing My Reading (and Life!)

This post seems a little out of the norm from my usual stuff but I realized I could talk to you guys about some of the methods I’ve been using to organize my reading and blogging, since it’s pretty relevant!

JTER3822 (2)

I started using Goodreads (which eventually led me to this book community) cuz I’m a little (a lot) obsessive about tracking what I read. My agendas in elementary used to have a little section to write the books you read each week so when I found Goodreads, it made everything much easier!

I’m also just a bit of an obsessive planner in general, whether or not I actually follow those plans because I may or may not have mentioned that I’m the world’s greatest (worst?) procrastinator. Still, lists and tables are my best friends and I’ve put them to great use with my blog, so here are some examples of what’s worked for me!

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