Grad School Rush to the Finish

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I’ve checked in, huh?

I officially have less than 2 weeks left of grad school! I’ve been really busy and I still have a lot on my plate so I won’t be back regularly yet but I just wanted to share a quick update, especially since this might be the last ever Grad School Rush feature.

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Friday Recap

I have a couple posts in the works but I lost all motivation this week so how about a recap of some bookish and non-bookish things in my life?

It has been a TIME back at school and I’m trying not to get stuck feeling drained before any of the real work starts. It’s definitely gonna be an uphill struggle for a while but I can see a little bit of light when everything will start to slow down (March is gonna be a really good month, I can’t wait!).

Reading news is much funner to report on so let’s get into it!

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