Hey all!

I initially wasn’t going to post today (reviews take a really long time to write!) but I realized I never recognized my TWO YEAR anniversary on here!! I’m officially a toddler blogger.

I’m also getting closer to 200 followers on here (which is CRAZY!) so thank you all so so much for following me and reading my sometimes rambling thoughts!

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Grad School Year 1

I know I’ve been in and out already this month but I haven’t really had time to do one of my grad school/life recaps yet! I kind of dropped the ball on these in second term because it got so busy so I have lots to update you all with (though I can’t remember exactly where I left off).

So first off, I’m finished the first year of my program! Officially halfway through! Things were a bit tense for a while because my projects started to take on a life of their own but it all came together really well in the end!

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Grad Attack

Guess who’s back?? I’m only dropping in but I felt like writing because it’s very early in the morning right now and I still haven’t gone to sleep, and I haven’t posted all month so why not!

So unfortunately I’m not back regularly yet but I will have some posts coming to you in the next couple months.

And for now, how about a grad school update? (which means it’s time for silly titles again 😛 )

My second semester of grad school is almost over and this has probably been the most stressful semester of school I’ve ever had. I’m in a little bit of a lull right now in terms of assignments but there’s only 3 more weeks until the term is done so somehow even a lull feels stressful.

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