Real Life Interruption

Hello all! Looks like my return from hiatus couldn’t last forever!

I have a very hectic summer ahead of me — visiting with family, moving back home, job searching, wrapping up work projects — and something’s gotta give. So, I don’t expect to keep up with regular posts in the way I have the past couple months, though I may still drop in from time to time when inspiration strikes.

The hiatus certainly isn’t for good and likely won’t be long. I’ve got a lot of deadlines fast approaching that I need to be devoting my attention to but I expect to be back in something near to a consistent schedule in the fall – hopefully September, maybe more reasonably October.

I’ll still be around and updating my reads on Goodreads and Instagram so feel free to check in there.

Hope to chat soon and happy reading, all!!


Grad School Rush to the Finish

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I’ve checked in, huh?

I officially have less than 2 weeks left of grad school! I’ve been really busy and I still have a lot on my plate so I won’t be back regularly yet but I just wanted to share a quick update, especially since this might be the last ever Grad School Rush feature.

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Friday Recap

I have a couple posts in the works but I lost all motivation this week so how about a recap of some bookish and non-bookish things in my life?

It has been a TIME back at school and I’m trying not to get stuck feeling drained before any of the real work starts. It’s definitely gonna be an uphill struggle for a while but I can see a little bit of light when everything will start to slow down (March is gonna be a really good month, I can’t wait!).

Reading news is much funner to report on so let’s get into it!

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