Month in Review: April 2021

April was a slightly better reading month than the rest of this year, as I checked out physical books from the library for the first time (yay!) and took it easy on myself and got some graphic novels that I sped through. With the weather getting warmer, I’m looking forward more and more to easy days reading in the sun and I have several ongoing current reads I hope to finish up this month.

But here’s what I did last month! Thanks to Jenna @ Falling Letters for the inspiration for this feature and template!

Books finished:

  • The Island of Sea Women by Lisa See
  • Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe
  • The Encyclopedia of Early Earth by Isabel Greenberg
  • displacement by Kiku Hughes

Books reviewed:

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Blogiversary: Five Years and Counting!

It’s my blogiversary! Five years have gone by so fast!

Gif of Lou Bega, a Black man with a thin mustache and wearing a suit and wide white hat, singing into a microphone. Text on the gif shows what he sings, "one two three four five".

For some reason no one has created a gif of Lou Bega counting?! So I had to create this one myself.

This fifth year of blogging has been, by far, my best year for engagement with almost 100 new followers! I also wrote a ton (thanks in no small part to the pandemic), and 129 posts this year brings me to a grand total of 476 on the blog. I’m really grateful to have this space and the chance to chat with so many bookish folks who inspire me.

My previous blogiversary posts have been varied: my first year I talked about the making of this blog; second year reflected on how my content had changed as I’d entered grad school; the third year anniversary post looked at how the blog had grown despite my hiatus; and in my the fourth year I held a Q&A and shared some stats!

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Spines Speak: Bookish Week and Blogiversary Qs

I was planning to post a recap of the readathon I was participating in this weekend but then I didn’t read a single page.

But it was still a very bookish week with another Frenzy Presents preview last Tuesday (recap coming soon!), World Book Day, Shakespeare’s birthday, and Independent Bookstore Day that has thankfully introduced me to many new bookstores I’ll add to my visit list!

Graphic of book covers lined up on a pink background with text that reads "On shelves this summer, Frenzy". Titles include Realm Breaker, Meet Cute Diary, Just Last Night, and Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry.

A sneak peek at some upcoming titles!

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