2020 Recap: My Top Reads

I really enjoy the start of the year, a time for reflecting and planning and all the lists! I don’t often share my top reads of the year but I read a number of stellar books in 2020 and if it calls for a list, I’m already interested.

I have a couple more recap posts in the works but let’s start with books! Here are my top 10 reads of 2020 in a very rough order besides the top 3, and some stats on my 2020 reading!

Top Reads

I’ve talked about quite a few of these books a number of times already so today’s post will be a snappy 3-word review/pitch!

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2020 Recap: Beyond the Bestsellers

It’s time to get into some 2020 reading recaps! I have a couple posts planned as I look back on my reading and blogging journey over the past year, and I’m really excited about today’s topic!

Before I get into my top reads from last year (coming this Friday!), I wanted to join the Beyond the Bestsellers initiative started by Suzy @ Suzy Reads Books. She’s encouraging bookish folks to share some books we’ve read that are underhyped, especially those with under 500 ratings on Goodreads.

I love this project as it’s a great way to use our “book influencer” status to help amazing books reach a larger audience. In looking through my reads this past year, I found a bunch that haven’t received much attention but are still more than deserving of it.

Beyond the Bestsellers

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Month in Review: December 2020

Another month done so it’s time for another month in review! And happy new year to all!

I’m planning a separate post for my year in review (because wow I did a lot of blogging stuff this year! I’m proud of myself and I’m gonna post about it!), but here’s what I got up to this past month. Template based on Jenna’s series @ Falling Letters.

Books finished:

  • My Conversations with Canadians by Lee Maracle
  • The Ghost Collector by Allison Mills
  • Pemmican Wars by Katherena Vermette and Scott B. Henderson
  • Red River Resistance by Katherena Vermette and Scott B. Henderson
  • Northwest Resistance by Katherena Vermette and Scott B. Henderson
  • Love Beyond Body, Space & Time edited by Hope Nicholson
  • Charming as a Verb by Ben Philippe

Books reviewed:

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