Music Monday: In Search of Home Album Release

Hello all! I have exciting music news for you this week!

Braeden Daggett aka From Ash & Dust joined us a couple weeks ago for a Music Monday interview about his upcoming album, In Search of Home, and it’s finally here!

Graphic of album art for In Search of Home by From Ash & Dust. Illustration of a tree, on the left side is a silhouette of a boy sitting at the base of a green tree. On the right side is the curled up silhouette of a boy sitting at the base of a dead black tree, though the trunk is connected. The album title is written in white text across the tree and the musician's name is written in pale pink in the lower right corner.

Officially released last Thursday, you can now find In Search of Home wherever you stream your music and for purchase on Bandcamp and iTunes! I’ve loved getting to listen to it in the making and I’m now even more excited to get to listen to the final versions!

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Music Monday: From Ash & Dust

Hello everyone! I’m very pleased to be welcoming today’s guest for Music Monday, Braeden Daggett, aka From Ash & Dust, a local musician who balances many different genres and just released the first single off his upcoming album.

Braeden stopped by for a socially distant interview and we talked about the new album out this month, the brand new single, and his musical process. Liam Sturgess, a familiar face around here, also joined us for the interview as the producer of the new album and frequent collaborator with Braeden

Read on to learn more about Braeden’s musical projects, the story behind his stage name, and where to find the new single and album!

Photo of a white man performing on a stage. He holds a microphone to his mouth, and has short hair and wears glasses and a long-sleeve shirt. He and the stage look blue in the lighting.

About the Musician: Braeden (From Ash & Dust) began rapping as an early teen and found his passion of songwriting and storytelling. By the end of high school, he independently released his first demo album, “Dumb it Down” which gained attention from his future collaborator and friend, Liam Sturgess.

In 2017, he made his first official release on major platforms with “Explore”, self proclaiming himself as the “Mr. Rogers of Hip Hop”. Since then he has created several mixtapes, all with the goal of telling the story of Ash&Dust, an imaginary world that he’s created.

“My songs have individual meanings of course, but my albums and mixtapes piece together a story of two friends named Asher and Dustin and their adventures together. It’s through this that I hope to spark a sense of childlike wonder and imagination. That’s why Ash&Dust exists,” he explains in an Instagram post. Some of Braeden’s musical influences include Linkin Park, Twenty One Pilots, Jack Johnson and Macklemore. His new album is set to release early 2021.

Musician links: Instagram | YouTube | Spotify

Listen to the new single: Never Comin’ Down
Pre-order the new album: In Search of Home

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Music Monday: Audiobook Accessibility

The last post for #AudiobookAugust, on my blog at least! Feel free to share your posts or videos in the comments or tag me!

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Today’s topic is one of the most important I wanted to hit on in this series. Accessibility is an important concern that is gaining more notice recently, in very large part thanks to people with disabilities who have been leading these conversations for many, many years.

Special thanks to several in the community who have posted about how to make blogs (and other platforms) more accessible for readers: see Kit’s post on accessible blogging, Vicky on accessibility tips across various platforms, and Theresa at Accessible Influence with a dedicated blog for tools and advice on doing this work. I’ve been putting their tips in place on my blog and social media, and I’m looking forward to finding more ways to make this space accessible to all.

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