Music Monday: Audiobook Accessibility

The last post for #AudiobookAugust, on my blog at least! Feel free to share your posts or videos in the comments or tag me!

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Today’s topic is one of the most important I wanted to hit on in this series. Accessibility is an important concern that is gaining more notice recently, in very large part thanks to people with disabilities who have been leading these conversations for many, many years.

Special thanks to several in the community who have posted about how to make blogs (and other platforms) more accessible for readers: see Kit’s post on accessible blogging, Vicky on accessibility tips across various platforms, and Theresa at Accessible Influence with a dedicated blog for tools and advice on doing this work. I’ve been putting their tips in place on my blog and social media, and I’m looking forward to finding more ways to make this space accessible to all.

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Music Monday: Audiobook Production

More audiobooks today! This week’s topic is on all things production — let’s learn how it’s made (and some tips if you want to get involved)!

Graphic that reads "Audiobook August @spinesinaline, Join in! #AudiobookAugust #MusicMonday". The background of the graphic is a row of books on a shelf, and in the foreground there's an image of a pair of white over-ear headphones, and a logo made up of an 'S' to the right of and leaning on an 'L'

Join in by using the hashtag #AudiobookAugust or grabbing the button in the sidebar!

I’m not going to get very technical here cuz that would get very long and it’s not something I’m very familiar with but you can check out any of the resources I’ve linked below if you’re curious! Today’s post will just be an overview of the process, and steps and roles involved in making these books come to life.

This whole project started after watching a lovely virtual presentation by Jenny Hoops, a prolific audiobook narrator, and learning about what it takes to get into narration (spoiler alert: a lot). There was so much I took away from it and I planned to write a recap for the blog but then the onslaught of all things audiobooks I talked about in last week’s post turned this into a whole series.

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Music Monday: Audiobook August!

A little switch-up for today’s Music Monday as it doesn’t involve music but it does involve audio! Let’s talk about audiobooks! (Also timed this so I could have that ideal alliteration: #AudiobookAugust 😛 )

audiobook august

I’d initially gotten the idea for this feature after watching a webinar about how to be an audiobook narrator, with some interesting tidbits I thought would be fun to share in this space. BUT THEN, the universe seemed to know my plans as suddenly all the bookish email lists and book accounts I follow had an audiobook feature or post, so now I have so much material.

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