Music Monday: Cover Match-Ups May 30, 2021

Hello all and happy Music Monday!

I’m sure others have had this idea before but while listening to music the other day I felt inspired to match up album artwork with book covers, especially because there are so many beautiful albums!

This was a fun way to highlight some of my current listens and beautiful books. Let me know if you’ve listened to or read any of these!

Cover Match-Ups

A Wider Space by Groenland x What’s Mine and Yours by Naima Coster

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Music Monday: Musical Haikus #7

Each time I bring back this series, I have a different title for it. 😛 At some point I’ll make a decision and have some consistency.

It’s been so long since my last Music Monday and haikus! I still have many verses saved from my last brainstorming days so here are some poems for you all.

For these musical haikus, I take 5- and 7- syllable phrases from songs I’m currently listening to and mix and match them to create new poems! For more of my poems, check out the haiku tag.

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