Lovely Libraries: Travelling

A surprise Lovely Libraries post! I’m all caught up on my Toronto libraries but today I wanted to talk about libraries I’ve visited as a tourist.

In my travels, I often try to visit local libraries in new cities. It’s fun to see how their library is organized and the displays they have, as well as some of the beautiful architecture in the bigger ones. I’ve been to ones in New York, Ottawa, and Athens, and most recently in Los Angeles!

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Beautiful Bookstores: Exploring Vancouver

Okay folks, it seems I always need to make an intro post to actually get my butt in gear when starting these new features I keep promising so introducing Beautiful Bookstores!!

Last month I finished up (for now) my Lovely Libraries feature, all about the libraries I visited while I was in Toronto. I also visited some libraries in Vancouver but I visited even more bookstores and want to share those with you!

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