Beautiful Bookstores: Two Peas in a Pod

Our title today is purely because the two bookstores today start with P 😛 For the last 2 Vancouver bookstores of this feature (for now), we have:

The Paper Hound and Pulpfiction

This is 3 peas but it almost works. Gif: Giphy

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Beautiful Bookstores: The ABCs

I have a better group name for this week’s set of Beautiful Bookstores because these three start with, you guessed it: A, B, C! Today’s bookstores are:

Albion Books, Book Warehouse, and Canterbury Tales Bookstore

It was surprisingly hard to find a gif for ABCs so you get the whole alphabet. Gif: Giphy

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Beautiful Bookstores: Names

Well, only 3 months after the intro post, the Beautiful Bookstores feature is ready to go! I have many exciting Vancouver bookstores that I visited back in December and January to share with you (and a couple Winnipeg ones I visited this past week) and also can’t wait to hear from all of you about your own favourite bookstores!

If you want to catch up on other book locations that have caught my eye,
they’re all saved under the ‘Lovely Libraries‘ category in the menu above.

The first set of bookstores all have the (original) owner’s name in the title (or at least a possessive that appears to be some kind of owner 😛 ):

Y’s Books, Massy Books, and MacLeod’s Books

Who wouldn’t want a bookstore that’s theirs? Gif: Giphy

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