Happy October!

Hi all! I felt like doing a quick update because I realized I’d been posting incredibly frequently and then kind of dropped off the map after that last, slightly anxious post.

So, all is good! I’m glad it’s October, even though that’ll mean all my assignments start to creep up, but it feels like this will be a good month. We’re actually getting Fall weather this year (last year we had 30 degree weather through September!) and nothing is better than sweater weather. Though I am upset at the amount of rain my weather app is predicting for this week 😦

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I was hoping this week wouldn’t be as busy as last week but I was wrong 😥 It’s looking like I’ll be busy until mid-October with a myriad of meetings, but that’s when my first assignments are due. I cannot wait to have a routine schedule again!

I’m also dropping the ball on these grad recap titles, suggestions very welcome!

I don’t even know if the term ‘hectic’ quite covers the feeling I’ve had these first two weeks of school; it’s more like my to-do list is sitting on my chest and I never feel like I get enough done each day, no matter how many things I check off.

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Lovely Libraries: Intro Post

We’ve finally made it to Friday! This week has been incredibly packed for me and I’ve still got a lot in the works for the weekend but it should be less hectic from here on out (fingers crossed!).

I wanted to talk about a new feature I’ll be sharing with you soon, somewhat in line with my last post and thoughts on productivity. As I may have mentioned on the blog before and as some of my Instagram stories have shown, I’ve been exploring the libraries on my campus over the summer.

I had only been to 5 or so during my first year but usually ended up studying or writing in my room, and I’ve found I really have a hard time focusing with so many other distractions around.

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