Book Event: Teens Read Preview

Crazy news, I’m recapping an event less than a week after it happened instead of a month later!!

I went to the Teens Read Preview hosted by Raincoast Books last week, which many Canadian bloggers were tuned into on Twitter. The actual event took place in Vancouver but I was in a secondary location in Toronto, watching the livestream with a group of fellow bloggers/booktubers/booklovers, etc.

There were SO many books that they talked about, and if you go check out #teensreadfeed on Twitter you can see discussion about all of them, but I’m gonna highlight just a few I’m looking forward to that are coming out this fall.

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Hey all!

I initially wasn’t going to post today (reviews take a really long time to write!) but I realized I never recognized my TWO YEAR anniversary on here!! I’m officially a toddler blogger.

I’m also getting closer to 200 followers on here (which is CRAZY!) so thank you all so so much for following me and reading my sometimes rambling thoughts!

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Frenzy Presents

I know, I know, I’m really late for #FrenzyPresents but in my defense … grad school.

So, how about a little recap of my first bookish event (and a refresher for those who attended/read about this last month)?

I had very little idea what to expect besides what I’d seen in other bloggers’ posts from past events so it was all very new! We were invited up to their new office space, which had tons of bookshelves and a great view of the city. They also had lots of snacks for us (and you know I’m all about that free food).

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