Reading Goals

Great news, everyone — I finished all my assignments and Fall semester is over!

I finished up late last week and have been mostly sleeping and chilling out since; it’s been great! I’m heading home very soon and very ready for the holiday season and more relaxing as well as catching up with family (and eating lots of food!).

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Almost Done!

Clearly second year has been much busier than first year! Somehow I managed to continue to post once a month last year and now I’m/you’re lucky if I post once a month 😛

Winter break is coming up soon which means I’m almost done with my current semester! I still have three essays to write and have been severely lacking in motivation, though at the same time I really want to create a good product. Especially as one of them came out of a ethnographic study I did with a group I joined this year, and not only do I want to portray them accurately and draw up some really useful and powerful conclusions, but I’ll also be sharing my paper with them so there’s more pressure to do a good job with it, then simply submitting it for a grade.

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Happy October!

Hi all! I felt like doing a quick update because I realized I’d been posting incredibly frequently and then kind of dropped off the map after that last, slightly anxious post.

So, all is good! I’m glad it’s October, even though that’ll mean all my assignments start to creep up, but it feels like this will be a good month. We’re actually getting Fall weather this year (last year we had 30 degree weather through September!) and nothing is better than sweater weather. Though I am upset at the amount of rain my weather app is predicting for this week 😦

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