Challenges: WPL Summer Reading Wrap-Up

Sometimes you join a challenge last minute and then completely forget about it, even after writing a blog post about it. Couldn’t be me …

Well, I was browsing my blog the other day and found my post from the summer about joining Winnipeg Public Library’s summer reading challenge! I fully forgot about it after that week but I’m going to see how well I did unintentionally with the rest of the reading prompts.

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Challenges: Spring Cleaning with GoodReadance 2021!

It’s time for some spring/fall cleaning! I’m so excited that Shealea has brought this challenge back for another year!

Last year, Shealea @ Shut up Shealea launched the Goodreads Spring Cleaning Challenge (or GoodReadance) to motivate us to tackle our Goodreads and physical shelves and organize our reading lives. And I am so in the mood for year two’s theme: “decluttering with a vengeance“.

Graphic created by Shut Up Shealea.

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Challenges: WPL Summer Reading

I just learned about my hometown library’s Adult Summer Reading Challenge and I figured I’d join in!

Winnipeg Public Library is hosting a reading challenge for adults with a bingo card of 24 prompts to guide your reading. I’ve unintentionally already read books for a couple of the prompts (I’m counting the books I’ve read from May on, university summer) so here’s my challenge check-in!

Graphic of a bingo card with written prompts in each square against an illustration of a sandy beach. Prompts include "published this year", "book from your childhood", and "award winner". The free space is filled with photos of a pair of sunglasses and flip flops.
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