Review Policy

Currently accepting Music Monday interviews/guest posts
I am not currently accepting books for review.

I accept books from self-published authors and non, ARCs or completed novels! I’m happy to cross-post my reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, and book retail websites if desired. I also share links to my reviews on my Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Feel free to look through my past reviews to see if your book may fit my interests.

Genres: I’m mainly interested in literary fiction, young adult, and mysteries but I read many genres (though I’m very picky with fantasy and non-fiction).

Formats: I accept both ePubs and print copies (please don’t send me Kindle copies! these are very difficult for me to read!).

Please note before requesting:
 —  I always disclose if I’ve received a book in exchange for a review.
 —  I reserve the right to not review every book I receive and to share my honest opinions about the books I read.
—  If I don’t finish a book, I will not post a review.
—  If you wouldn’t be happy with a potentially low rating, I’m not the reviewer for you.

If you would like to request a review, you can email me at or through my contact page. Please include a synopsis of your book and links, as well as a time-frame for a review if you have one in mind though I can’t promise a quick turnover. The more info you provide, the sooner you can expect a response!

While I’m not always willing or able to offer reviews, I sometimes offer spotlight or guest posts so if this something you’d like to be featured in, please let me know.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you!