Month in Review: July 2022

Another slow reading month! But a month of summer fun and other adventures so July has been good!

Here’s what I was reading and blogging in July, template courtesy of Jenna @ Falling Letters.

Books finished:

  • Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
  • Remnants by Céline Huyghebaert

Books reviewed:

Discussion posts:

Challenges check-in:

  • 3/11 books read from my 2022 Chosen TBR
  • 1/4 read from my previous Chosen TBRs
  • 3/5+ read from books I own
  • 27/10+ read from my TBR
  • 189/150 books on my Goodreads TBR

In the book community:

Upcoming in August:

  • More baking posts
  • Bookish memes
  • A return of Music Monday perhaps?

What was your favourite July read?

Cover images from Goodreads.

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