Challenges: #PondathonII Round 6 Wrap-Up

That’s a wrap on Pondathon!

It ended earlier than expected but I had such a great time with this readathon, talking with other readers about books and seeing all the detailed work that CW has put into this. Big, big thanks to CW for creating such a wonderful world and your joy, patience, and dedication in putting this on each year. Best wishes for your next adventures!

I’m planning to have one big Pondathon wrap-up once I’ve figured out how to fit all these flowers in one garden, but for now here’s a wrap-up of our final round!

In case you missed it, Pondathon II was a story-driven and gardening-themed readathon hosted and run by CW from The Quiet Pond. You can see all of Spud’s Pondathon adventures through the link in the sidebar!

Books read

As always, books read for the side quest are noted with SQ.

Side Quest: Repotting Plants with Amina

Our quest this month supported Latine authors so the more books you read by Latine authors, the more opportunity to get some beautiful pots and stands. There was also a Growing Up badge for reading 2 books for the prompt and a secret achievement for a special plant stand.

An illustration of a fox wearing an apron and boots and carrying a basket and a rake. A small spade and watering can crossed with vines are beside the fox and all sit over a text box that identifies character, 'Sam (@spinesinaline), Spud, Keeper of Stories. Blog: Character card & all art by @ArtFromAFriend, for the Pondathon only". At the bottom are 12 light purple circles with 6 filled in with badges. Badges are illustrations of plants and trees.

These badges are so cute and I enjoyed having some direction with my reading each month (and making a big dent in my TBR!).

Round 6 Garden

I loved this round’s rewards! They’re some of my favourite flowers and CW’s designs are so beautiful. Spud has their own greenhouse now (and check out the cute gnome hiding among the flowers).

Graphic of a patch of grass against a dark purple background. Several wooden plant stands are on the grass, each topped with pots filled with purple irises, blue forget me nots, and baby's breath flowers. Tall grass surrounds the back edges of the garden. At the front is an orange fox wearing a straw hat and apron and carrying a woven basket and purple watering can. Text at top reads "Pondathon II. All art by @ArtFromAFriend for the Pondathon only."

Gardens Around the Pond

Here’s what other gardeners got up to this round!

What are your favourite books by Latinx authors?

All Pondathon graphics by CW @ The Quiet Pond.

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