Challenges: #PondathonII Round 1 Wrap-Up

The first round of Pondathon II is complete!

In case you missed it, Pondathon II is a year-long story-driven and gardening-themed readathon hosted and run by CW from The Quiet Pond. The aim of the readathon is to read books to earn plants and decorate your own little garden so that we can restore the forest together. Check out my intro post for more details!

Illustration of an orange fox wearing a straw hat and beige apron and brown boots. They hold a rake in one hand and a basket in the other, both teal in colour.

My Pond character, Spud, and I are very excited for all the gardening adventures this year. I’ve got Spud’s character card in the sidebar so you can quickly find all Pondathon updates.

Pondathon is divided into 4 quarters and each quarter into 4 rounds, with different side and companion quests each round. Here’s what I read for the quests and what Spud’s garden looks like after this first round!

Books Read

I read so much in the last couple weeks! I’ve made a note where the books counted for the side quest.

Side Quest: Encourage Xialong’s Flowers to Grow

For this quest, we were encouraged to read diverse books (ie. by and about someone with a marginalized identity). The rewards included planter boxes and garden beds, plus a Budding Friend badge for reading 3 diverse books and a sticker set for reading 5. As you can see, Spud got their badge!

An illustration of a fox wearing an apron and boots and carrying a basket and a rake. Beside it are a small spade and watering can crossed with vines that are wrapped around it sit over a text box that identifies character, 'Sam (@spinesinaline), Spud, Keeper of Stories. Blog: Character card & all art by @ArtFromAFriend, for the Pondathon only". At the bottom are 12 light purple circles, one filled with a pink and green rose badge.

Most of my reads were by authors of colour and Indigenous authors so this proved an easy challenge and I hope to continue this trend for the rest of the year.

Companion Quest: Let’s Grow Flowers with Raquel Marie

The first companion quest of the readathon featured visiting author, Raquel Marie, and her upcoming debut, Ophelia After All. This quest played off her book as the main character is a rose gardener, so the challenge was to create a rose based on our favourite book. Here’s my take on Each of Us a Desert by Mark Oshiro:

First time embedding a tweet so if that poses a difficulty for anyone, the images are described on Twitter!

Round 1 Garden

And here’s our garden so far! As you can see, it got very busy very quickly so I may make a new garden for each round, depending on how much I read.

Graphic of a garden in an open cube. A fox stands beside dirt patches and planter boxes filled with lavender, bluebells, and small green sprouts. The text at the top reads Pondathon II, all art by @ArtFromAFriend for the Pondathon only.

It’s so lovely! CW puts so much work into this readathon and I love all the different plants! Of course, I had to add some potatoes for Spud but I’m looking ahead to the vegetable garden quest.

Gardens around the Pond

I also wanted to share some bloggers’ posts about Pondathon that I’ve enjoyed!

How did Round 1 go for you?
If you’re not participating, what would you plant in your garden?

All Pondathon graphics by CW @ The Quiet Pond.

2 thoughts on “Challenges: #PondathonII Round 1 Wrap-Up

  1. I did this too! I learned that I don’t read too many diverse books I guess? I only read one Asian author but it’s kinda good to see my habits and hopefully I’ll be better next month!!

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