Month in Review: November 2021

Happy December, folks!

I’ve got my recap for the month and I reviewed so many books! Always happy to stay on top of those, even when I only share mini reviews (which is a lot less overwhelming). I’m starting to get very excited about my top 10 for the year!

Here’s what I read and blogged about this month! Template courtesy of Jenna @ Falling Letters.

Books finished:

  • Blue-Skinned Gods by SJ Sindu
  • Indigena Awry by Annharte
  • Survival In Its Many Shapes by Wil George
  • Glass Town: The Imaginary World of the Brontës by Isabel Greenberg
  • Bright Dead Things by Ada Limón
  • How We Go Home edited by Sara Sinclair
  • Ancestor Approved edited by Cynthia Leitich Smith
  • Night Sky With Exit Wounds by Ocean Vuong
  • The Darkness Outside Us by Eliot Schrefer

Books reviewed:

Actionable reads:

I’ve been donating to organizations each month (when I can) inspired by the books I’m reading, thanks to @reading_theend who shared this initiative last year. See my Instagram post for more about it. My aim in posting about it is to encourage others to do the same if they’re able and highlight some organizations doing great work!

Book cover for How We Go Home by Sara Sinclair. Photo of a pole covered in arrowed signs pointing in various directions.

Last month for IndigAThon, the hosts encouraged folks to donate to Indigenous organizations as well as read Indigenous-authored books. My donations are also in part inspired by How We Go Home edited by Sara Sinclair, which highlighted many Indigenous organizations including one of my favourites to support – the Bear Clan Patrol in Winnipeg. They’re a group that patrols neighbourhoods in Winnipeg to ensure community members are not facing harm and have things they need like food and warm clothing, and I’m happy to regularly contribute to them each month.

  • Mama Bear Clan: similar to Bear Clan Patrol and run out of the North Point Douglas Women’s Centre, patrolling neighbourhoods to ensure people are safe and cared for.
  • Feast Cafe Bistro: an Indigenous-owned restaurant, they’re once again hosting a fundraiser to provide meals to families in need this holiday season.

Discussion posts:

Challenges check-in:

In the book community:

Upcoming in December:

  • Yet more reviews as I catch up
  • The return of a holiday feature!
  • Some bookish memes to ring out the year

What was your favourite read from November?
Any special reading plans as the end of the year approaches?

Cover images from Goodreads.

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