Challenges: GoodReadance 2021 Wrap-Up

This year’s edition of Shealea’s Goodreads Spring Cleaning Challenge has wrapped up and I’m feeling good about it!

Graphic with a blurry floral background. Text on top reads "Spring Cleaning in September and join the Goodreads Spring Cleaning Challenge 2021 edition!"

Graphic created by Shut Up Shealea.

It was particularly daunting to try to match up my Goodreads and StoryGraph shelves but I took a dedicated day to face that and it’s looking so much better.

You can check out my original post on my goals for the challenge, and my check-in at the halfway point. Now for the final look!

Spring Cleaning Goals

This year, I made goals for three areas: my Goodreads and StoryGraph shelves, physical books, and my TBR challenges.

I completed all the Goodreads and StoryGraph goals! I’ve narrowed down my TBR which is always a big task, so it feels a lot more manageable now. My shelves on both platforms now match and I also decided to add a graphic novels shelf to both. And I reviewed 5 of the 9 books that didn’t yet have reviews but I read several more in that time so there are still a few reviews to write.

I also completed most of the physical books goals. My ARC tracker is now up-to-date and I’ve got some photos of books for reviews but I still have a couple library books to take photos of before I return them. I also gave away 4 books and have at least 2 on deck for my next book hiding adventure.

The TBR challenges are still in the works but I made one library trip to get a bunch of books from my TBR and have now read one book for my Chosen TBR and one for the Alphabet Challenge.

After Picture

Goodreads and StoryGraph:

  • TBR shelf: 189 books (down from 200/202)
  • Category shelves:
    • ARCs from pubs (91, up from 59/61)
    • Audiobook (8, up from 6/5)
    • Canadian authors (118, up from 95/93)
    • Essay collections (18, up from 16/13)
    • Graphic novels (30, new shelf)
    • Indigenous authors (54, up from 44/45)
    • LGBTQ2IA (64, up from 53, new shelf on SG)
    • Music (8, up from 3)
    • Non-fiction (65, up from 54/55)
    • Poetry / short story collections (77, up from 64/57)
    • Translations (12, up from 9)
  • Books missing reviews (within last year): 11 – The Island of Sea Women, This Place: 150 Years Retold, Pretty Goblins, Witches Steeped in Gold, Bright Dead Things, Dava Shastri’s Last Day, Glass Town, How We Go Home, Ancestor Approved, Night Sky with Exit Wounds, The Darkness Outside Us

Happy to finally have consistency across Goodreads and StoryGraph! Thanks again to Shealea for hosting! Now to actually read the books on my TBR.

Did you participate this year?
Do you have organization methods for your physical or digital books?

Cover images from Goodreads. Graphic from Shut Up Shealea linked above.

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