Challenges: GoodReadance 2021 Check-In

In case you missed it, Shealea @ Shut Up Shealea brought back the Goodreads Spring Cleaning Challenge for another year!

Graphic with a blurry floral background. Text on top reads "Spring Cleaning in September and join the Goodreads Spring Cleaning Challenge 2021 edition!"

Graphic created by Shut Up Shealea

We’re about halfway through this challenge so I thought I’d check in with how I’m doing so far! This will be a short check-in because … I have not done much.

Spring Cleaning Goals

You can find my original post here! I set up goals in 3 main areas: my Goodreads and StoryGraph shelves, my physical books, and addressing my reading challenges.

Goodreads and StoryGraph shelves:

This has become perhaps the most daunting part of this challenge because these two accounts are not as synced up as I thought! I started on a couple of the shelves to make sure they matched across GR and SG but this will take a considerable amount of time so that’s my main focus for the rest of the challenge.

Physical books:

I’ve already updated my ARC journal and I’ve been reading a lot of ARCs the past couple months to catch up on past-due reviews (though I have yet to post them). I also gave one book away and identified another 3 to give away, I’m just waiting for some sunnier weather so I don’t have to leave them out in the rain.

Reading Challenges:

I haven’t done much at all with these, besides writing down which letters of the alphabet I’d still need to read to complete the Alphabet Challenge. But I haven’t selected any books to read for these challenges or looked at what’s available in the library. I’ll start to tackle this once I’m finished going through my ARCs.

Not too bad but not too much progress. I’m most looking forward to going through my TBR shelves and stripping them down to the books I really want to read so it’s not so overwhelming (too many books, not enough time).

For those participating, how are your goals looking?

Graphic from Shut Up Shealea linked above.

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