Challenges: Spring Cleaning with GoodReadance 2021!

It’s time for some spring/fall cleaning! I’m so excited that Shealea has brought this challenge back for another year!

Last year, Shealea @ Shut up Shealea launched the Goodreads Spring Cleaning Challenge (or GoodReadance) to motivate us to tackle our Goodreads and physical shelves and organize our reading lives. And I am so in the mood for year two’s theme: “decluttering with a vengeance“.

Graphic created by Shut Up Shealea.

This year the challenge runs from September to November rather than a single month so there’s even more time to get organized. How you participate is up to you, whether you set goals, share regular updates, or join some of the mini-challenges.

I don’t yet know what my update posts will look like throughout the challenge but I did enjoy setting goals and the before/after look at my progress last year so let’s try that again!

Spring Cleaning Goals

For Goodreads and StoryGraph:

  • Re-assess books on my TBR shelf
  • Re-assess category shelves — any to remove or add, and update current books with shelf labels
  • Write reviews for books without from last year

For physical books:

  • Update ARC tracker
  • Take photos of books awaiting reviews
  • Go through shelves and prep books for giveaway

For TBR challenges:

  • Identify remaining books/challenges for Chosen TBR and Alphabet Challenge and make library plan

Before Picture

Goodreads and StoryGraph:

  • TBR shelf: 200 books (GR), 202 books (SG)
  • Category shelves:
    • ARCs from pubs (59 – GR, 61 – SG)
    • Audiobook (6 – GR, 5 – SG)
    • Non-fiction (54 – GR, 55 – SG)
    • Canadian authors (95 – GR, 93 – SG)
    • Essay collections (16 – GR, 13 – SG)
    • Indigenous authors (44 – GR, 45 – SG)
    • LGBTQ2IA (53 – GR)
    • Music (3)
    • Poetry / short story collections (64 – GR, 57 – SG)
    • Translation (9)
  • Books missing reviews (within last year): 9 – The Island of Sea Women, Monkey Beach, This Place: 150 Years Retold, Big Boned, Within These Wicked Walls, Take D Milk, Nah?, Quick Bright Things, Pretty Goblins, Witches Steeped in Gold

Some bigger goals this year with the longer timeframe, I’m very excited to get organized! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #GoodReadance2021 if you join in too!

Are you participating in GoodReadance 2021?
How do you keep your reading life organized?

Graphic from Shut Up Shealea linked above.

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