Music Monday: Musical Haikus Round 6

Time for some more nonsensical poems! 😛

I’ve done several versions of these musical haikus now, where I take lyrics from some of my favourite songs that fit 5- and 7-syllable phrases and work them into poems. And now we’re on round 6!

Check out this week’s poems below and let me know what you think!

Forget you a day,

That was my part of the deal.

Now you’re still around


Fallen like darkness.

Are you afraid of the light?

I’d know what to do.


Never what I seem.

I’ll try to keep my promise

when you look at me

Another set that almost works as one long poem! One of the best parts of this series is it’s an excuse to listen to these great songs as I work on the blog post, a truly musical Monday.

Songs:Meaningless” by Charlotte Cardin ; “White Ferrari” by Frank Ocean ; “Face of the Sun” by Shana Cleveland ; “Paralyzed” by KWAYE ; “Love Me” by Erez Zobary ; “Residue” by Tayla Parx ; “Call Me Queen” by Ndidi O ; “At the Party” by Black Belt Eagle Scout

Any suggestions for other songs I should try to incorporate?

Musician photos from their sites and social media accounts, linked above.

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