Music Monday: Haikus Continued

Welcome to the fourth instalment of my musical haikus!

With this feature, I take 5- and 7- syllable phrases from songs I’m currently listening to and mix and match them to create new haikus! For more of my poems, check out the haiku tag.

Read on for the poems I created this week and links to the songs I pulled from!

Momentary dreams,

Lullabies that I don’t know

And I don’t know when.


Never lose my cool

When you don’t even notice

What it’s like to lose.


But I’m not afraid

Do you hear what I’m saying?

I would rather stay.

A little nonsensical but I like that these can almost be read as one continuous poem. There’s some kind of theme at work there, even if it is unintentional.

In book news, today marks the start of my all-time favourite readathon, Bout of Books! I’ve been making my way through one of my current reads, Monkey Beach by Eden Robinson, (apologies to my other 4 current reads) but hopefully this readathon will help me make a dent in that pile. I’ll be sharing more of my reading progress throughout the week over on Twitter so you can follow along there.

Songs:Hold On” by Yola ; “Lady in Mind” by Begonia ; “Paralyzed” by KWAYE ; “Drive” by Raiche ; “At the Party” by Black Belt Eagle Scout ; “Yellow Eyes” by Rayland Baxter ; “Switchblade” by NIKI ; “Love Me Right” by Sister ; “Residue” by Tayla Parx

Do any of these haikus speak to you?
What are you reading this week?

Musician photos from their sites and social media accounts, linked above.

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