Life Updates: From Milkshakes to Conferences

Hi all!

Thank you again for all your well wishes on my blogiversary! We did indeed celebrate with ice cream and music, and the sun came out so it was a great day.

Our at-home Charlotte Cardin concert, complete with milkshakes! A little taste for Music Monday too.

I have a very busy week this week so although I have several posts planned (thank you scheduling software), all my attention will be on a library conference! I’ve volunteered to live-tweet sessions so I’ll be preoccupied morning til night most of this week.

I’m really looking forward to it as there are some very intriguing talks planned, and my experience with conferences in the past is that it’s a great way to meet folks in the field. I’m excited to make new connections and grateful for a bit of structure to my days.

Hope you’re all off to a great start to the week!

Also, I really had no idea what to call today’s post but I had a laugh at that.

What are you reading this week?
Any exciting non-bookish plans?

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