Blogiversary: Five Years and Counting!

It’s my blogiversary! Five years have gone by so fast!

Gif of Lou Bega, a Black man with a thin mustache and wearing a suit and wide white hat, singing into a microphone. Text on the gif shows what he sings, "one two three four five".

For some reason no one has created a gif of Lou Bega counting?! So I had to create this one myself.

This fifth year of blogging has been, by far, my best year for engagement with almost 100 new followers! I also wrote a ton (thanks in no small part to the pandemic), and 129 posts this year brings me to a grand total of 476 on the blog. I’m really grateful to have this space and the chance to chat with so many bookish folks who inspire me.

My previous blogiversary posts have been varied: my first year I talked about the making of this blog; second year reflected on how my content had changed as I’d entered grad school; the third year anniversary post looked at how the blog had grown despite my hiatus; and in my the fourth year I held a Q&A and shared some stats!

For today’s post, I’m going off suggestions from my family members about how to celebrate, which included:

  • have an ice cream (or two)
  • have a hot chocolate (or two)
  • must include music and sunshine
  • get a dog and name him/her “Bookish”
  • share your five favourite books of all time

How will these all play out in a post? Find out below!

5 Favourite Posts

This wasn’t a suggestion but I like reflecting back on the year of blogging so I should I’d share my five favourite posts from my 5th year as a blogger!

  • Book Hiding Tips: I shared tips on my favourite hobby – hiding books! Hopefully encouraging many more to pick this up too.
  • Cookie Chapters: a chance to share book recs and delicious treats? Of course this was a favourite.
  • Beautiful Bookstores: I’d had this one in the works for some time and it’s a lot of fun featuring bookish spaces.
  • Audiobook August: my first research-driven post series! Loved diving into the world of audiobooks and learning so much about the format.
  • Blogging Adventures Recap: this references several posts within it but it was very cool seeing how many new features I created in 2020!

5 Favourite All-Time Reads

Okay, I cheated a little bit but some of these I read in the last couple years and some I read many moons ago so it’s hard to compare them without current memories of both. So here’s 6 all-time favourite reads, in no particular order and subject to change at any moment!

Blogiversary plans

As for my plans for the day, I can confirm that they will include music and ice cream! Perhaps some sunshine too if the day decides to be good to me. Unfortunately no dog yet, but I will keep that in mind for the (near) future.

One of my favourite artists just released her first album (on my bday!) and we’ll be attending her virtual concert tonight! And I decided we’ll make some milkshakes to go along with it, because I’ve been wanting to make them for a while but keep getting distracted. Very excited for the evening!

Thank you to all of you for following this blogging journey, whether you’ve been here for all of it or are a new reader. So grateful for all of you!

What are your favourite all-time reads?

Cover images from Goodreads.

10 thoughts on “Blogiversary: Five Years and Counting!

  1. The Agony and the Ecstasy, Irving Stone; Valley of the Horses, Jean Auel; Triple, Ken Follet; Cold Mountain, Charles Frazier (excellent prose); Memories of a Geisha, Arthur Golden.

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  2. Congratulations! Enjoy this most landmark day, sounds like you have a wonderful celebration planned. (And thanks for the new-to me artist – great song, going to check her out.)

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