Music Monday: More Haikus

I’m back with more haikus!

Some years ago I realized that many of the lyrics in songs I was listening to had 5 and 7-syllable phrases — perfect for haikus! So I mixed and matched them to create some new poems.

I felt like trying out this poetry style again as I’ve been listening to several new songs lately so I had many lyrics to choose from in creating more musical haikus. You can check out the other poems I’ve created from song lyrics in the haiku tag!

I had lost my faith

How it seems so far away

But not less confused


You’ve seen me dancing

But baby watch me freak out

When the sun goes down


When I’m without you

She’s screaming inside of me,

‘Live in fear of truths’

This bunch is somewhat nonsensical but a couple of them made me laugh (especially that dancing one)! It’s always fun to play around with songs, and even if the poems don’t end up making much sense I still get to showcase some great lyrics.

Songs: Out of My Head” by Begonia ; “Yellow Eyes” by Rayland Baxter ; “Something Tells Me” by BAILEN ; “Meaningless” by Charlotte Cardin ; “Feel the Way I Want” by Caroline Rose ; “Fire for You” by Cannons ; “Wild Wild Woman” by Your Smith ; “Paralyzed” by KWAYE

Do you have a favourite from this group?
What are some of your current favourite songs?

Musician photos from their sites and social media accounts, linked above.

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