Spines Speak: Blogiversary Plans

Happy Friday, all!

I’d initially planned to share a review with you all today (also great news, I just finished my first read of April!) but I have not yet formed words to fully express my love of these books so that’s still to come.

In the meantime though, I thought I’d crowdsource some ideas for my upcoming blogiversary!

Some Vancouver sights from this month, the sun is being so nice to me!

I’ll be celebrating 5 whole years of blogging on April 29th! Some days I can’t believe it’s already been that long and other days it feels like I’ve been sharing my thoughts on this site forever.

I don’t yet know how I’ll celebrate so I’m welcoming any and all suggestions! Perhaps I’ll do a Q&A if you have questions for me, I might do a reflection post or comparison of each of the years. Five feels like a very significant number so I want to have some fun with this anniversary!

April is a big month for me as I’ll also be celebrating my birthday next week so I’m in a very celebratory mood! And the sun’s been out all week so that alone is cause for celebration.

Turtle is also really enjoying the sun.

Thank you in advance for your blogiversary recommendations! I hope to have some reviews to share with you very soon!

How would/did you celebrate 5 years of blogging?

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