Favourite Quotes: Words of Wisdom

I’m back with some more stellar quotes from my recent reads! I always love capturing the lines that catch my attention when I’m reading but I often forget to include them in my reviews, so this feature is a great way to share my favourites.

Today’s group are what I’ve called “words of wisdom” or phrases that’ll make you think! Each of the quotes really made me stop in that moment of reading and sit back to ponder their words.

Hope you find something that gets you thinking below!

The Ghost Collector by Allison Mills

“‘There are as many different types of ghosts as there are people,’ says Grandma. ‘Nobody’s life is the same and nobody’s death is the same. That’s all it boils down to.'” (p. 34)

Spark by Naoki Matayoshi

“If you judge ideas by how ordinary they are, then creativity just turns into a contest of who or what’s the most unusual. On the other hand, if you reject new, unusual stuff completely from the outset, then it’s just a contest of technique. But if it’s only a combination of technique and originality that gets approved, then it turns into a contest of who can be the most balanced.” (p. 37)

The Valley and the Flood by Rebecca Mahoney

“‘If I saw the future, I think worry would be my entire life.’

‘Worry is for when you think you know,’ she says.

… ‘What do you call it when you know you know?’

She’s quiet long enough that I think she hung up. ‘Dread,’ she says.” (p. 287)

Charming as a Verb by Ben Philippe

“‘Don’t be too hard on yourself, Haltiwanger. Like I said, it’s the great promise of the O-Generation,’ Corinne says. ‘Either you’re exceptional or you’re a nobody. No permission to be anything in between. It’s bullshit.'” (p. 146)

… “Despite our both being the O-Generation–a concept I have to admit rings terribly true the more I think about it–Corinne isn’t an immigrant. Or the child of immigrants. It’s a distinction that’s mostly irrelevant except in moments like these, where it could easily place us on two different wavelengths. There’s no Haitian in her, no Jamaican, no Puerto Rican. Her blackness is American, born and raised. Stolen and enslaved, technically, but still, it’s rooted here. It never aspired to be here from another shore elsewhere.” (p. 166)

Early Departures by Justin A. Reynolds

“‘the best way to make things right is to ask the person how you can. And then follow through on that. You’re only helpful to someone if what you do actually helps. Otherwise you’re just making yourself feel better and that’s what ice cream’s for.'” (p. 263)

The Valley and the Flood by Rebecca Mahoney (another one!)

“Knowing what to say is easy. Think of what you want to hear most in this world–what you would never let yourself ask for–and tell them.

And then later, when you’re alone, say it to yourself.” (p. 137)

I really love this feature and getting to share my favourites with all of you, instead of letting all the photos I’ve taken of quotes languish on my computer. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the ones above if they inspired anything in you!

What’s the last book that made you stop and think?
Do you collect favourite quotes?

Cover images from Goodreads.

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