Month in Review: March 2021

Another month with not much reading completed! All three of this month’s reads were actually ones I was reading on a deadline — either the ARCs were expiring or I had a scheduled blog tour stop! So some stressful reading even if they were enjoyable. Template for this feature inspired by Jenna @ Falling Letters.

Books finished:

  • The Valley and the Flood by Rebecca Mahoney
  • The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner
  • What Big Teeth by Rose Szabo

Books reviewed:

Discussion posts:

Challenges check-in:

  • 0/13 books read from my 2021 Chosen TBR
  • 0/4 read from my 2020 Chosen TBR
  • 0/5+ read from books I own
  • 6/10+ read from my TBR
  • 233/150 books on my Goodreads TBR

In the book community:

Upcoming in April:

  • Many more book reviews
  • Birthday and blogiversary celebrations (this blog is almost 5 years old!)
  • Perhaps some bookstore explorations

Obviously lots of work needed on those challenges, and perhaps I’ll take on some spring cleaning to tackle my Goodreads TBR and get that feeling more in control. Hoping that this month brings more reading my way, and I’m so happy to have taken care of most of my digital ARCs so I can get back to physical reads!

What was your favourite read of March?
What are you excited about in April?

Cover images from Goodreads.

3 thoughts on “Month in Review: March 2021

  1. I totally get spring cleaning Goodreads TBR. I did this last year and reduced it from 400ish to 150 or so. It was so brutal haha. Thank you for linking my post! Hope you have a great April 🙂

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