Life Updates: Where I’m At

Hello lovely readers!

I wanted to do a little life updates post because you may have noticed I haven’t been as active here.

I’ve been feeling a little burnt out again from the energy that consistent blogging and all the associated promo requires, as well as in fitting blogging in with my ongoing job search. Job applications take a lot of work! And I haven’t been feeling up to tackling both job apps and blogging some weeks.

Photo of a suspension bridge in the distance on a cloudy day. At the bottom of the photo is a rocky beach and a large ocean, and tall trees on the other side of the bridge across the water.

Then with the latest attack on the AAPI community in the United States a couple weeks ago, I’ve been engaging with others’ resources, looking into organizations I can donate to and that are offering bystander intervention training, and spending my energy with these personal tasks rather than posting. Hollaback! is one of several organizations offering training sessions for those interested.

And just this week, there was an unrelated (not racially motivated as far as I know) violent attack at a community space in my old neighbourhood, that L and I had just happened to visit the day before. I’ve spent a lot of the time since feeling very panicky, both for the potential close call we missed and for the community and gathering space that I missed and love dearly. (I also wrote this post before the following day when a power outage left us without power for 17 hours! No breaks this weekend)

Photo of a large ocean and several tree-covered mountains along its shores. In the foreground on the right side, is a tall evergreen.

So I’ve been feeling overwhelmed in multiple ways and decided to take some time away rather than force a post out. I do have a couple reviews I’d love to share soon so I’m not planning on going on a hiatus but may have less of a consistent schedule going forward, or at least fewer posts a week (though I do have 3 planned for this week 😛 ).

Sending you all lots of love ❤ And peppering in some scenic photos to balance out the heaviness of this post 🙂

Photo of a city skyline under a blue cloudy sky. In the distance are skyscrapers on the other side of a wide expanse of water and on the near side are many tall trees.

Let me know what you’ve been reading or what’s bringing you joy lately!

Photographs by blogger.

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