Top Ten Tuesday: Characters Whose Job I Wish I Had

I’ve been thinking a lot about jobs recently so today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic was perfectly timed!

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl, with a prompt each week for you to use in building a bookish top ten list! This week we’re looking at “characters whose job I wish I had” but as always I’m putting my own spin on it, so here’s my list of jobs I want and jobs I definitely don’t want.

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Jobs I Wish I Had

1) Yesterday is History by Kosoko Jackson
Job: university professors (MC’s parents)

I just finished this book recently so review to come very soon but short summary, I loved it! The MC’s parents are both professors and while I don’t want to be a professor specifically, I do love the academic environment and would love to work in that setting in some way.

2) A Dash of Trouble by Anna Meriano
Job: own a bakery (family)

I don’t bake a lot and tend towards easier bakes (love making muffins!) but how fun would it be to own your own bakery! The characters in Meriano’s book have a family-owned bakery so there’s lots of love shared there, as well as some surprise magic. When my sis and I were younger, we talked about owning a cafe where she’d do the baking and I’d make art to hang on the walls, so maybe someday??

3) Charming As A Verb by Ben Philippe
Job: dog-walking (MC)

Philippe’s MC Henri has a part-time job walking dogs and isn’t that the dream, to be around dogs all day? I know being a dog walker can come with a lot of challenges (especially if you pair it with many other commitments like Henri) but getting to pet all the dogs is more than worth it.

4) The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Scwab
Job: bookstore employee (2nd POV)

Okay, this one actually is the dream. One of the characters in Schwab’s latest works in a little New York bookstore and it sounds so lovely. Plus there’s a bookstore cat! I love spending time in bookstores and it’d be so wonderful to get to work with books all day and be in a cozy space.

5) Consigned to Death by Jane K. Cleland
Job: antiques appraiser (MC)

The book that unknowingly pushed me towards my current field of archives so an obvious choice here! When I first read this series, I always thought the characters’ work with antiques sounded so cool — they get to do research to verify each object and try to pin down its age and history (provenance if you will, a little archival term for you). It’s thankfully similar to the archival field so a job I can almost pretend I actually have.

Jobs I Would Hate to Have

6) Girl, Serpent, Thorn by Melissa Bashardoust
Shah/king (MC’s brother)

While I loved Girl, Serpent, Thorn, I wouldn’t want to take any of their places, especially those of the royal family. A note: Shah is a Persian title but roughly translates to king. I don’t need the MC’s brother’s responsibility of running a kingdom, not to mention that he also has to deal with the impending war between humans and demons. Too much pressure in that situation!

7) The Inland Sea by Madeleine Watts
emergency operator (MC)

If the mental state of the MC thanks to her job is anything to go by, this is not the job for me. I’d find it incredibly stressful to be receiving emergency phone calls, and I think I’d be much like the MC in being unable to compartmentalize and not dwell on the cases where help doesn’t arrive in time.

8) Each of Us a Desert by Mark Oshiro
storyteller (MC)

Another book I absolutely loved, but the whole story does follow Xochital’s struggle with her responsibility as her village’s sole storyteller. Her story makes it clear that this gift is often a burden and that change is needed, so a clear argument against taking on this job.

9) Fable by Adrienne Young
dredger (MC)

I love looking at the water and I don’t mind being on it but I don’t think I could ever live at sea like Fable does. And that’s not even the most difficult part of her job as a crewmate, what with the added dangers of piracy and jewel heists! Too much danger for my liking.

10) Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee
superheroes/villains (multiple characters)

Safe to say I’m not a fan of danger as part of the job so I wouldn’t want to be any of the characters in Lee’s book, whether superhero or villain. Any job that comes with such extreme life or death conditions is not for me.

It was a lot of fun looking through my reads and considering myself in the place of these characters! I’m not all that surprised by the jobs I’d prefer vs not but it is a clear indication of the things I most look for in jobs.

Would you want any of these jobs?
What’s the job of your favourite character?

Cover images from Goodreads, graphic from That Artsy Reader Girl.

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