Challenges: Bout of Books 30 Wrap-Up

This past week did not go at all as expected but I’m grateful for the Bout of Books team in creating this space where we could all come together and read, and also find ways to support the community. Resources can only get us so far but I’ll remind you all that I’ve gathered anti-racist resources created by many different folks if you’re looking for some starting points or action items.

I wasn’t sure how much I’d end up reading, but with a lot of days home alone and wanting to avoid doom-scrolling, I made a pretty good dent in my TBR. Here’s how I did this week:

Books read: 3

Super Fake Love Song | (Trust) Falling For You | The Song of Achilles | Spinning Silver

Books finished: 3

Pages read: 624

I read a lot this week! And managed to stick to my TBR, finishing up one of my book club reads and a couple ARCs.

As much as I’d love this pace to keep up so I can catch up on other ARCs and library reads, I also had very little else going on so it’ll depend how much things outside of reading change. But I’m still glad I got to chat with bookish folks this week and read some pretty good books (reviews coming just as soon as I get caught up on 2020 reviews!).

Speaking of, I have a few more 2020 recap posts in the work so watch out for that! Wishing you all a restful week.

Did you participate in Bout of Books this week?
What are you currently reading?

Cover images from Goodreads.

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