Shattering Stigmas: Anxiety Rep and Actionable Reads

Today’s post is a little different as I want to draw your attention to a blogging event I was very lucky to participate in this month, Shattering Stigmas!

Shattering Stigmas is a blogging event dedicated to posts about mental illness to address and challenge the stigmas against it. Organized by Taylor Tracy with co-hosts Ben @ Ace of Bens and Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight, many guest bloggers have been sharing their experiences with mental illness and finding representation in books.

Graphic for Shattering Stigmas blog series. Text reads "Shattering Stigmas 2020, Understanding My Anxiety by Sam @ Spines in a Line, November 18, 2020". Text is laid on top of a typewriter covered with a green background. There are pink and blue illustrations of chat bubbles and a brain.

“Understanding My Anxiety” by Sam @ Spines in a Line. Graphic from Taylor Tracy.

And one of those guest bloggers was me! I wrote a really personal post about understanding my anxiety and some of the books that have helped me on that journey. You can also check out my review of After Zero, which I mention in the post. I hope it will be of benefit to others, as much of my own understanding has come out of the blogging community ❤

The event continues until tomorrow but check out all the posts from the past couple weeks and the book recs that many have offered! Plus, the hosts are encouraging donations to several organizations that offer affordable and accessible mental health treatment and training to Black women and Queer and Trans people of colour. You can learn more about the organizations they’ve identified in their intro blog post but I’ve chosen one for my “actionable reads” donation this month, as described in my last month in review post.

Logo for the Loveland Foundation

Graphic from the Loveland Foundation

I’ll be donating to the Loveland Foundation’s Therapy Fund for Black Women and Girls, which provides financial assistance to Black women and girls in the States seeking therapy (also partially inspired by my current read, Transcendent Kingdom, where the MC is a neuroscience graduate student after her brother’s overdose).

The foundation is committed to showing up for communities of colour in unique and powerful ways, with a particular focus on Black women and girls. Their resources and initiatives are collaborative and they prioritize opportunity, access, validation, and healing. I’ve been following the founder, Rachel Cargle, on Instagram for some time now and have learned so much from the educational resources she creates.

If you’re able, please consider supporting any of the organizations the Shattering Stigmas’ hosts have highlighted, and check out all the bloggers’ posts in this wonderful, supportive series!

What are some books that tackle mental health that you’d recommend?

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