Organization Tips and Tricks: Scheduling Posts and Promo

My last instalment of organizing tips (at least for now unless you have more questions or requests!) is all about the fun of scheduling!

Scheduling is the not-so-secret and likely most adored weapon of book bloggers as you’re not tied to publishing your posts immediately after writing them. I’ll be talking today about how I plan out and schedule my posts, as well as scheduling that much-needed promo and some tips for social media.

For my previous organization posts, check out some tips on reading trackers, bullet journals, and writing reviews!

Scheduling Posts and Promo

Planning Posts

A monthly calendar can be a lifesaver. This is something I’ve only recently picked up again but I find it really helpful to 1) keep track of all my blogging ideas ; 2) maintain consistency in posting ; and 3) manage the time I spend on the blog.

This last point is something I’ve felt more crucial lately. Of course, I have very little else going on at the moment but it was starting to feel like I was spending all hours of every day working on blog stuff. And really not having much to show for it at the end of the day. So I’ve re-picked up something I began way back in my first year as a way to get back on track.

A printed calendar titled November. Text is written in several of the dates indicating titles of blog posts and instagram posts.

A little sneak peek at some upcoming posts. Print-out courtesy of Learning Momma.

In some of my early months of blogging, I was flooded with emails from indie authors and publishers and agreed to almost everything. Which meant I suddenly had dozens of books to read and review, author interviews to prep, and book promos to create.

To make sure I didn’t lose track of anyone, I scheduled it all out on a calendar, which also helped me figure out when I reached the point where I had to start declining requests. A little fun fact: when I started my blog I planned to only post on Fridays but it was because of all these requests that I moved to Mondays and Wednesdays as well!

These days, I’ve gotten better at managing requests but the calendar still helps me in having a clear plan for the month of what I’d like to write about.

Screenshot of the WordPress post editor showing the post column open at the right. A calendar is open under the Publish showing options to schedule date and time.

For WordPress at least, scheduling these posts is very simple as there’s a built-in scheduler that allows you to choose the day and time your post will go live. Another tool that helps me in managing how much time I’m spending on here, I could write and schedule my posts for a whole week in one day! Would highly recommend making use of this tool if you don’t already.

Scheduling Promo

How I handle promo has switched up for me in recent months as some social media platforms (ahem *Instagram*) keep changing their permissions so I’m still trying out different scheduling sites.

Screenshot of the Buffer webpage. On the left are tabs for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. In the middle of the screen are drafted tweets including the scheduled date and time.

I’ve mostly used Buffer in the past and enjoyed the free version. I’ve found it really easy to use in scheduling my Twitter and Instagram posts, plus Buffer will automatically shorten your links for you. I would like to see a calendar view of my scheduled posts which it doesn’t offer, and you also can’t access analytics unless you have a paid account. With Instagram’s changed permissions, you’re also now only able to schedule Instagram posts through Buffer with a business Instagram account so I had to seek out a new scheduler for those posts.

I’ve now been using Plann for my Instagram posts and it’s been fairly good so far. I can schedule all my photos and captions, as well as plan out my grid. Sometimes I’ve found the hard returns in my captions are removed and there’s been an error with the system in retrieving my published photos but for the most part it’s been working for me. It does offer the calendar view plus a way to save hashtags, but analytics are again only available for paid accounts.

Screenshot of the Plann That webpage. On the right is a space to draft Instagram posts and upload photos. On the left is an image of a phone with photos laid out as in an Instagram grid.

There are many, many more scheduling platforms available that I don’t have experience with. I’d love to hear your thoughts on your favourites, as it would be preferable to have only one site to manage everything (but I love the freebies).

If you followed along with my last Life Updates post, you know I was trying to get back on top of blog scheduling and I’m already very happy with how much the calendar is helping!

Do you use any tools to plan or schedule your blogging?
What social media schedulers do you prefer?

2 thoughts on “Organization Tips and Tricks: Scheduling Posts and Promo

  1. I use Buffer as well for scheduling tweets, but I’ve started using Twitter’s built in scheduler now (which isn’t yet available in the app so it’s not that useful…). I have a calendar add-on for WP that really helps me plan out my posts for the weeks ahead cos it makes easy to visualize – ex. if I have a bunch of reviews scheduled together, if I scheduled a special posts months ago and since forgot about, etc. 😛

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