Life Updates: November Scheduling

I have some pretty big plans in the works I haven’t shared here yet: I’m moving back to BC! I don’t have a specific date yet but I’ll be spending the Christmas holidays with my fam and then heading back to the coast at the end of the year.

Photo of a large blue body of water surrounded by large green islands. The sky is blue with wavy clouds.

View of the water from Bowen Island!

With these plans and Covid wreaking its (at this point usual) havoc, I’ve been feeling stressed! It feels like there’s so much out of my control and everything is already incredibly unmanageable, especially with another lockdown in Winnipeg potentially making some of my wrap-up/moving plans more difficult.

But when I’m feeling stressed or anxious, it really helps me to create lists, make schedules, have some kind of plan (which is why I’ve got my organization series here on the blog). So I’ve decided this will be the month of scheduling!

I want to be really deliberate this month in planning things I want/need to do and actually doing them (cuz I do make an awful lot of lists that I abandon, oops).

There are 4 things I’d like to make a specific plan for:


I’ve known about Yoga With Adriene for a while but only started doing her videos more regularly in August. I totally lost steam in trying to follow along with a monthly challenge but I’m making another commitment this month to follow her November 2020 series and hoping to make yoga a daily activity.


I’ve been trying journaling on and off for the past couple months but been finding it difficult to make a habit of it. Another helpful, mindful activity like yoga, I’d like to make this a regular practice too so I’ll be trying to make time for this each day.

Photo of a journal tied to the knobs on a nightstand table with colourful string. The journal's cover has a white top half and red bottom half. Text on the front reads "parties, dinners, brunches, galas, events" and has a raised black circle with white text that reads "Let's Plan"

The perfect planning notebook


Much of my time these days has been spent on blogging — drafting posts, creating Instagram photos, scheduling social media promo, answering emails. But it hasn’t felt entirely productive. I want to get back to planning out my posts on a calendar so I can see weeks/months ahead instead of a couple days (plus I’ll be documenting this work in my organization posts).


This is a 2-part project, as decluttering will also help me figure out what I own in order to make a packing list for my move. I did a big decluttering project early on in quarantine but I’d like to go through everything again and be a little more critical in what I really want to keep and what will be coming with me to BC.

Photo of the sea and an island behind it, taken from the back of a motorboat. The wake of the boat is visible in the water. The sky is filled with clouds and completely white.

Taking the ferry to Bowen Island

I’m looking forward to feeling like I have a better handle on things this month with these plans, while also knowing a schedule won’t be able to predict everything (read: Winnipeg shut-down impacting my IndigAThon plans as the library is now closed 😦 ).

What are some ways you use planning tools?
Anything you’re trying to schedule in the months ahead?

2 thoughts on “Life Updates: November Scheduling

  1. Oof, yeah, that was hard news when the library closed again 😦 I have a similar list of habits that I want to get back into when I go back to Van this week, haha. Yoga in particular fell to side as I ran around the past few months doing other things. I’ll check out that November series from Adrienne!

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