Challenges: IndigAThon 2020

I’m very excited to participate in a readathon next month all about Indigenous authors! Coinciding with Native American Heritage Month in the States, IndigAThon is a readathon hosted by Michelle @ Thor Wants Another Letter and Brody @ Et tu, Brody?, now in its second year. They have a number of prompts to help guide your reading.

Graphic for IndigAThon 2020 showing a 3x3 bingo card with prompts in each square. Prompts include intersectionality, new to you, other than 5CT, middle grade, free space, buddy read, other than US, group book, non-bookish media.

Graphic source: IndigAThon

Prompts include: intersectionality (regarding the author or character), a new-to-you author, an author from a tribe other than the 5 Civilized Tribes (a new term for me!), middle grade, buddy read (group book will count), an author from somewhere other than the US, and the group book, Heartbeat Braves.

They’ve also created challenges for Instagram and YouTube for some fun ways to incorporate and promote Indigenous authors and books with your content, as a way to also provide alternative ways to participate if you’re not able to read a lot.

Graphic for IndigAThon showing 4 squares for Instagram challenges. Challenges include Reel time, Flashback, Match it, and Chow Wow.

Graphic source: IndigAThon

With the last monthly challenge I participated in, Latinx-a-thon, I only managed to read one book (review of Each of Us a Desert coming soon but short version, it was amazing!). My reading’s been pretty slow in the past couple months but I’ve been feeling more in the mood recently so I’m hoping that continues into next month!

Below are some of the ones I’m planning on reading so far. I’ll post throughout the month with updates on the ones I read and prompts I complete. I’m still looking for a buddy read so if you’re also interested in reading any of the below, or have another Indigenous-authored book that you’d love to buddy read, let me know!

Many of these fulfill multiple prompts so it’ll be a surprise how I fill out my bingo. I’m also still hoping to find some more books by Indigenous authors outside North America since my TBR so far is focused on Canada and the US so if you’ve got a favourite book or author from elsewhere in the world, feel free to send suggestions!

I also want to highlight some Indigenous book influencers who’ve shared their TBR for the readathon! Be sure to check out their platforms for all the work they do in promoting Indigenous literature and consider supporting them if you’re able.

  • Michelle @ Thor Wants Another Letter, one of the hosts of this wonderful readathon, is a BookTuber who’s been sharing book recs and journal inspo for years, and has a great-looking stack for the readathon.
  • Brody @ Et Tu Brody?, the other host of the readathon, is also a BookTuber and they have endless book recs and fun tags.
  • Victoria @ Floury Words, who I’ve mentioned before, has a blog and gorgeous Instagram where she shares her reads alongside a delicious meal or baked good inspired by the book.
  • Melitta @ The Midnight Librarian, another BookTuber I’ve started following more recently and I’ve been loving learning about books through her recs (like one of my faves of the year, Jonny Appleseed!).
  • Pip @ Little Black Duck Books, shares books that touch on mental health, aro and ace characters, and Indigenous stories and authors. I love their stack for IndigAThon as they’re promoting a ton of Australian authors.

I’m waiting on my library holds to come in now (I requested physical books for the first time since the pandemic began! I’m so excited!) but I’ve got a couple digital holds so I can start on those first. I went a little overboard with my requests but I’d rather too many to choose from, and maybe I’ll surprise myself and set a new personal record for reading next month.

In looking over my past reads, I’ve realized I’ve read very few books by Indigenous authors so I’m excited about this push to finally read some amazing-sounding books that have been on my TBR for years.

But this is as good a time as any to remind you to read Indigenous authors all year round!

Are you participating in IndigAThon?
What are some of your favourite Indigenous-authored books?

Cover images from Goodreads. Graphics created by IndigAThon team, linked above.

4 thoughts on “Challenges: IndigAThon 2020

  1. Looks like you have some great picks! I’ve read The Ghost Collector, A Girl Called Echo, and Why Indigenous Literatures Matter. (I tried Heart Berries but it wasn’t for me.) I would like to read My Conversations with Canadians. I had this readathon on my radar but I haven’t done any prep for it. Two Indigenous books I wanted to read by year’s end are Shoeboy and #NotYourPrincess, so maybe I’ll prioritize in November.

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