Life Updates: Halloween Fun

Happy Halloween month!

I’m not a huge Halloween person, I don’t dress up or go to haunted houses or parties (certainly not this year), but I still get really excited when the holiday comes around (and not just because I get to eat leftover candy from the trick-or-treaters 😛 ).

Photo of a sausage and ham pizza inside a pizza box. One slice is missing.

Last year’s plans involved eating this whole pizza and watching the Sherlock Christmas special 😛

I know it’s still pretty early to be getting into the spooky spirit, though what is time these days, but last week I watched the best Halloween show I’ve ever seen! It was so funny and a great group of people, and just a wonderful way to spend the evening.

The best part was we had no idea it was a Halloween show until we showed up so the surprise made everything even better (it was an advertised spooky night but we went in with very little info).

Funday in the Neighbourhood hosts a live show every month, bringing in new and returning guests to put together a variety show of sorts. Our host, dressed up as a Phantom of the Opera/Cher fan and accompanied by a skeleton puppet named Uncle Slappy, introduced the acts throughout the night, including:

  • The Chedda Boys, an improv group that performed, among other skits, a musical about morgue employees ;
  • Sasha Mark, a hilarious stand-up comic from Winnipeg!! ;
  • and the wonderful Liam Sturgess <3, sharing his voice and songs with us and getting the audience to sing along with his final song as we neared the end of the night
Photo of a young man standing on a theatre stage and holding a guitar. He wears a brimmed hat, a face mask, a blue plaid shirt, and light blue shorts. The sign on the stage background reads "Funday in the Neighbourhood".

Liam in his element

The hosts also put together a list of the top 10 spookiest animals that had us all crying from laughing so hard (Babe made the list multiple times), played some rounds of the super challenging trivia game “Is it a Canadian prime minister dressed up for Halloween or a child dressed up as a Canadian prime minister?”, and premiered a very spooky music video about a sailor in a graveyard.

Movie poster for Babe: Pig in the City. A big sits on top of a suitcase on a brick road leading to a city in the background. A goose is popping out of the suitcase and mice are beside him on the path.

The taglines for Babe sound a lot creepier in the context of a spooky top ten list. Source: IMDB

I left feeling super energized and excited for more Halloween festivities! The show is livestreamed each month (with limited in-person seats for those in Vancouver) so wherever you are, you can tune in for some laughs and good times! Check out Funday’s website for more info and I’ll be back with more bookish stuff very soon 😉

How do you feel about Halloween?
If you enjoy the holiday, how will you be celebrating this year?

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