Challenges: #GoodReadance Wrap-Up

After taking part in some bookish spring (or fall) cleaning this month, it’s time to see how my shelves are looking!

Shealea @ Shut Up Shealea introduced the Goodreads Spring Cleaning Challenge for September, a way to tackle a potentially overwhelming Goodreads TBR and organize those virtual shelves.

I talked about my plans for the month in my intro post, detailing my “before” look at my Goodreads and my 3 goals. So now it’s time for the “after” shot!

Monthly goals

My goals for the month were fairly low-pressure but they were:

  • Go through each book on my TBR shelf and re-assess
  • Add books on reading shelves to existing category shelves
  • Write reviews for books without

I did go through my TBR and removed a bunch. I like to go through pretty regularly so I think there are still more I could take off that I’m unlikely to read but I’m really happy with the dent I made.

I also updated a bunch of my category shelves. I went through my whole TBR shelf and many of the books on my read shelf (mostly those I’ve read in the time I’ve been book blogging), and ended up adding some additional shelves I thought would be useful. I’m still going to play around with this as I figure out what kinds of shelves would be most helpful and which are a bit redundant but it was a good exercise to get into.

I had 4 books that didn’t have reviews when the month started and I wrote reviews for 2 of those. I’ve felt a little unmotivated in writing reviews this month but I did manage 4 reviews in total for books that were missing one.

Goodreads After Picture

With all of that goal progress, here’s where my Goodreads stats sit now:

  • TBR shelf: 184 books (down from 216)
  • Category shelves:
    • Non-fiction (37, up from 5)
    • Canadian authors (71, up from 26)
    • Essay collections (9, up from 2)
    • Music (3, same)
    • Poetry/short story collections (45, up from 19)
    • ARCs from pubs (31, new shelf)
    • Audiobook (3, new shelf)
    • Translation (3, new shelf)
    • Deleted shelves: books about libraries, linguistics
  • Books missing reviews (read within last 5 years): 4 – Fifteen Dogs, Jonny Appleseed, The Inland Sea, Early Departures

I love getting organized! Thanks again to Shealea for putting this challenge together! I’m looking forward to this motivation continuing so I can make those shelves work even better for me.

Did you do any spring cleaning with your books this month?
How do you keep your TBR pile under control (if you can 😛 )?

Cover images from Goodreads.

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