Challenges: #GoodReadance2020 Spring Cleaning

Shealea over at Shut Up, Shealea just announced a September challenge all about tackling some messy parts of our lives that we actually have control over (aka those Goodreads shelves!), and I’m all for it!

“Spring Cleaning. But in September.”

Shut Up, Shealea

The Goodreads Spring Cleaning Challenge, or #GoodReadance2020, is a way to organize your Goodreads shelves however you like, whether that’s re-sorting your shelves, addressing that TBR, updating star ratings, or writing reviews.

Goodreads Before Picture

There are also some optional mini-challenges you can participate in (check out her blog post for more info!), and one I really like is the before and after look at your Goodreads. Here are my current Goodreads stats:

  • TBR shelf: 216 books
  • Category shelves: non-fiction (5), Canadian authors (26), essay collections (2), books about libraries (0), linguistics books (1), music (3), poetry/short story collections (19)
  • Books missing reviews (read within last 5 years): 4 – Fifteen Dogs, The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules, Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From, Jonny Appleseed

Monthly Goals

And here are my low pressure goals for the month:

  • Go through every book on my TBR shelf and reassess
  • Add books on reading shelves to existing category shelves
  • Write reviews for books without

I don’t want to include numbers in these goals because I don’t have a great sense of my shelves right now (maybe I’ll still want to read every single book on my TBR!) so I’m just excited to see what comes out of this!

Share your updates using the hashtag and follow and cheer on others’ progress! Also, feel free to add me over on Goodreads!

Will you be participating? Do you have any Spring (or Fall 😛 ) cleaning plans, book-related or otherwise?

Cover images from Goodreads

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