Beautiful Bookstores: Two Peas in a Pod

Our title today is purely because the two bookstores today start with P 😛 For the last 2 Vancouver bookstores of this feature (for now), we have:

The Paper Hound and Pulpfiction

This is 3 peas but it almost works. Gif: Giphy

The Paper Hound
(Chinatown, Vancouver)

This one caught my eye because they often have a sale cart out front with even more books than they’ve somehow managed to store in this seemingly small space. They’ve got a lot of cozy nooks and interesting art pieces (including one of the ‘hound’ in question), as well as a rack of ephemera titled, “the paper hound’s revolutionary archive”.

I don’t know whether this dog visits the store as he wasn’t there while I was in but his picture’s cute! While I haven’t been able to be back in person, it’s been fun to follow their adventures on Instagram (they recently had a dove visitor!).

Support local: The Paper Hound

IMG_6348 hound

(Mount Pleasant,

Another cool name for a bookstore. As you can tell from the photo below (which was only half of the store!), this bookshop is endless! Lots of good reads to find here. I actually visited this one with a fellow book influencer and we went to both locations — I preferred the one pictured as it seems much bigger and offers more solitude while browsing; the other location has a brighter, more open-concept entrance.

Once again found my girl on the shelf so I’m sold (and it was also my first time seeing The God of Jade and Shadows out in the wild!). They just recently set up an Instagram accountin the midst of quarantine so you can see more of what they have to offer.

Support local: Pulpfiction

IMG_4737 pulpfiction

That’s a wrap on the stores I visited while I was in Vancouver, though I hope to visit many more when I’m able to be back. In the meantime, I’ll share some Winnipeg bookstores to continue the feature and also have some fun twists on Music Monday in the works!

What atmosphere do you prefer most in a bookstore? Any in this series that you’ve visited before or hope to soon?

Photographs by blogger except where indicated

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