Beautiful Bookstores: The ABCs

I have a better group name for this week’s set of Beautiful Bookstores because these three start with, you guessed it: A, B, C! Today’s bookstores are:

Albion Books, Book Warehouse, and Canterbury Tales Bookstore

It was surprisingly hard to find a gif for ABCs so you get the whole alphabet. Gif: Giphy

Albion Books (Gastown, Vancouver)

This seemed like a small store from the outside but I found such good selection in here! Albion was one of my favourite spots to visit out of all the bookstores in Vancouver, and perfect timing as I found it just as the rain started to pick up. As many books as can fit on the shelves, a quiet space with gems tucked in the corners, and everything so well-organized!

It’s small without being cramped, the perfect size to feel like you have privacy as you search for books. I’ll definitely return here once I’m back in Vancouver to find some great reads.

Support local: Albion Books

IMG_6333 albion

Book Warehouse (Riley Park, Vancouver)

I didn’t visit these bookstores with blog posts in mind so no photos of my own for this one, oops! (Also I didn’t label the photos I took of other stores so that’s been a fun mix and match game as I test my memory). This is a larger, bright store and was very popular when we stopped in (back in December). As well as books, they had a selection of toys, knick knacks, and cards (the latter of which was the only purchase I made).

This one is not a used bookstore and as someone who doesn’t regularly purchase books the prices were high for me though very comparable (and likely a deal) if you like buying new. They did have a lot of books I recognized and that are on my TBR, so if you like your books in shiny, good-condition when you buy them, this would be a great stop.

Fun fact: apparently this bookshop began in my home province, in Brandon, Manitoba! And a bookstore dog?! Unfortunately he wasn’t in when I was there.

Support local: Book Warehouse

Canterbury Tales Bookstore (Grandview-Woodland, Vancouver)

One of the best names for a bookstore, this was the first one in Vancouver I visited! It’s very lovely with lots of bright windows, piles of books (but neatly stacked 😉 ), and lots of selection including a fairly big YA section and what looks like a comfy kids’ section too. I found my girl, Ann-Marie MacDonald, on the shelves so that definitely goes in the win column.

The biggest thing for me, as with any space at all, is having that light! I love the sun! Sometimes shaded bookstores are cozy but I like all the natural light coming in as I browse. All of these bookstores (including last week’s) are also in prime neighbourhoods with lots of cafes so it makes for a very enjoyable day to grab a hot drink and then look for books!

Support local: Canterbury Tales

April 13

There’s only one more week of Beautiful Bookstores in Vancouver as I didn’t visit quite as many stores as I did libraries in Toronto (at least not yet) and then I’ll share a few Winnipeg ones! Also for those who are familiar with or live in Vancouver, I’m getting the neighbourhood info for all of these bookstores purely from Google Maps since I’m very unfamiliar with the layout of the city so if you have any corrections, please let me know!

Which bookstore is your favourite so far? Any you’ve visited before?



Photographs by blogger except where indicated

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