Beautiful Bookstores: Names

Well, only 3 months after the intro post, the Beautiful Bookstores feature is ready to go! I have many exciting Vancouver bookstores that I visited back in December and January to share with you (and a couple Winnipeg ones I visited this past week) and also can’t wait to hear from all of you about your own favourite bookstores!

If you want to catch up on other book locations that have caught my eye,
they’re all saved under the ‘Lovely Libraries‘ category in the menu above.

The first set of bookstores all have the (original) owner’s name in the title (or at least a possessive that appears to be some kind of owner 😛 ):

Y’s Books, Massy Books, and MacLeod’s Books

Who wouldn’t want a bookstore that’s theirs? Gif: Giphy

Y’s Books (Riley Park, Vancouver)

Sad news about this first one: on their website they say they were already planning a move to a smaller city but due to the pandemic have had to close indefinitely 😦 It was a very cute space and they’ll be missed!

I still wanted to share them though because they had a really beautiful set-up and it looked really cozy. I especially loved all the cute objects they had on top of the bookshelves that added to the feeling of the store, like typewriters, globes, and vintage lamps.

jul 13 ys books

Massy Books (Chinatown, Vancouver)

I was very excited to find this one as they’re Indigenous-owned and have lots of new Indigenous fiction and non in their holdings! A bookstore I’ll definitely be heading back to once I’m back in the city so I can stock up on great reads!

Another beautiful space, the photo below is only a peek of it as this floor has many more shelves, there’s a secret room (so cool! though slightly claustrophobic 😛 ), and a second floor art gallery! Much to explore here.

Also in exciting news, with the increased attention to the Black Lives Matter movement recently, many more people were buying from their bookstore and their June online sales ended up exceeding their total online sales from 2019! With all that support they’re donating to Black and Indigenous-led organizations in BC. A really awesome bookstore and staff to support.

Support local: Massy Books


MacLeod’s Books (Gastown, Vancouver)

Perhaps one of the most overwhelming bookstores I’ve ever been in. Dust and piles and piles of books welcome you the second you step in the door (it’s unmistakably a store that sells old books from first glance and while I didn’t have any issues, I expect my friends with allergies would’ve struggled in the store).

It looks a bit of a mess but you can’t deny this bookstore has something for everyone, as the piles are actually sensical groupings of genres and authors. You will have to step over and around piles of books (and people) as you navigate the store though (speaking pre-Covid, I’m not sure what their current situation is).

Support local: MacLeod’s Books

IMG_6341 macleod

Very happy to finally get this feature to you! I have a couple more rounds of Vancouver bookstores in the works but I’d love to hear about the shops that you frequent.

What are some of your favourite local spots?
What makes a bookstore an ideal spot for you?



Photographs by blogger

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