Lovely Libraries: Get Library Carded

Happy Monday to you all! On this last day of September, I’m just making it in time to celebrate Library Card Sign Up Month!

I started my ‘lovely libraries’ feature last year (and then abandoned it :/ ) to talk about Toronto libraries – and while I’ll still do that (eventually), let’s talk about Vancouver libraries today!

I’ve been in Vancouver for 3 weeks now and been to 2 libraries so far (from 2 different systems). And of course, I signed up for library cards at BOTH of those libraries!! Technically I could’ve borrowed from the other system with the first library card but I’d rather have full access and the added weight to my wallet.

Both of the ones I visited are so beautiful and so big! Vancouver Public Library’s central branch is definitely the bigger of the two – it even has a rooftop garden. But the North Van one is walking distance from my house and has a fireplace and cute coffee shop on the ground floor, so I’d say they’re pretty equally matched.

I’ve now got access to 4 different library systems, since my previous cards from other provinces haven’t expired yet so I can read SO MANY BOOKS!! There’s also a 3rd library system in my area that I’m also eligible for and you know I’m gonna get a card there too :))))

Do you have a local library you love to visit? What do you find to be the most important features in a library?
Let me know in the comments and show your libraries some love!!


9 thoughts on “Lovely Libraries: Get Library Carded

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  2. This month I have been cohosting library loves on twitter where we discuss and celebrate our libraries. This post fits in so much! I love that you are exploring all the libraries and taking advantage of them too. As you rightly said, ALL THE BOOKS 😀

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  3. Welcome to the BC lower mainland, where you can collect library cards like nowhere else, haha. I’ve only been a librarian for a few months and I’ve worked in three of the public libraries around here 😛 (which begs a discussion about precarious library work but never mind that for now lol…). The West Van library is quite nice as well. I’ve only been once but it seemed to have a lot of cozy nooks to sit in…

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  4. We have a really great local library system. I can only access this one because it’s based on where I live but it’s super good. They also connect to Cloud Library and Hoopla for digital versions of books which is great! I hate actually GOING to the library (even though it’s just down the street) because I always forget to return books on time anyways hahah

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  5. Thanks for sharing your photos! I love seeing libraries from other places. 📚✨

    Right now my top need from my library is access to ebooks and audiobooks, so I love that they subscribe to the Hoopla streaming service. I don’t go to the library much anymore unless I’m dropping off books for their booksales, but when I do go in I usually browse to see what DVDs they have, especially for TV series, because I cancelled our cable a couple of years ago; so that is also important to me. 👍✨


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