Review: Wild Flowers by Michelle S. Smith

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First day of Bout of Books so what better time to post a long overdue review! I received this poetry collection last year from the author and it was a really beautiful read over the holidays. And then school happened and here we are! So about that review:

Wild Flowers: A Powerful Poetry Collection of Love, Loss, Healing and Empowerment by Michelle S. Smith
Genre: Poetry

This collection of Poetry and Prose is an explosion of femininity, empowerment, and personal growth. Michelle celebrates her triumph over mental illness and promotes resilience and self-love in her readers. 

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This was a really lovely collection, and quite easy to read through in one sitting. It does touch on some pretty heavy themes as the blurb and title indicate — loss, mental illness, abandonment, but also the other side of that in moving towards healing and empowerment.  The collection is grouped into several sections recognizing this movement – ‘Loss, Pain & Depression’, ‘Abandonment’ and then ‘Love’, ‘Empowerment’, and ultimately ‘Healing’.

This is largely autobiographical but there’s still likely to be lots for readers to connect with. Within these themes she writes about new and old relationships, exploring the different types of loss that we’re faced with, and coming to terms with yourself and those around you in making your life what you’d like it to be. Even if you haven’t had similar experiences you can still enjoy the author’s beautiful writing.

There are some really strong lines throughout the poems that were enough to make stop and sit with them for a while before moving on to the next poem. My favourites included “Aunt”, which dealt with loss and grieving, “Resentment of”, looking at family relationships, and “Journey to Healing”, about directing your own healing and creating a new self.

My main gripe with some of the poems is that many of them were very short and it felt like they didn’t have enough time to develop. Plus I really enjoyed the author’s voice and wanted to hear more from her. That said, one of my absolute favourites from this collection was a two-line poem, “Revelation”, which I’ll leave you with here:

i would never have known my strength
if i had not had to explore the depths of it

Very pleased to have learned of this new-to-me author and looking forward to reading more of what she puts out!

About the Author: Michelle Simone Smith is a Jamaican born Poet, best known for most recent book “Wild Flowers”. It is widely read and loved by many. Wild Flowers takes you through her journey of healing and self-discovery. It engages with themes of love, loss, healing, depression, sexuality, and is both deeply personal and relatable. Writing came into her life by way of therapy and the exploration of healing. Her poems are infused with life lessons for women that suffer from depression. Her hope is that her words are able to touch, empower and encourage women around the world.

Author links: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Amazon

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Cover image, blurb, and author bio from Goodreads



3 thoughts on “Review: Wild Flowers by Michelle S. Smith

  1. Ah! I love reading poetry. But I don’t think this is going to be one for me. While I like deep and dark poetry that tackles these kind of themes, I can’t really do well with short poems. I need some longer ones for me to be able to really analyse them and get into them — that’s just the type of poetry reader that I am! Great review x I am glad you could enjoy them.

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  2. I think it’s cool that some poetry collections use sections like that to kind of take the reader on a journey. I feel like a lot of poems are autobiographical, but that works because it makes the poem stronger, and there are a lot of shared or similar experiences in the world. Plus, like you said, you can still enjoy it even w/o a similar experience. I’m glad you enjoyed this collection!

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