I was hoping this week wouldn’t be as busy as last week but I was wrong 😥 It’s looking like I’ll be busy until mid-October with a myriad of meetings, but that’s when my first assignments are due. I cannot wait to have a routine schedule again!

I’m also dropping the ball on these grad recap titles, suggestions very welcome!

I don’t even know if the term ‘hectic’ quite covers the feeling I’ve had these first two weeks of school; it’s more like my to-do list is sitting on my chest and I never feel like I get enough done each day, no matter how many things I check off.

The balancing act of school and work and volunteer and any other extra-curriculars is something I’ve really been getting tired of as of late. I’m nervous about leaving school and entering the workforce full-time (hopefully) at the end of this year but I’m really excited to have fewer things on my plate.

Since at least high school, I’ve been looking forward to the days when I’ll no longer have homework – I can come home and not have to bring anything with me and completely shut off. But as it is now, I always have something to work on or that I’m thinking about, whether for school or in balancing multiple jobs and their different requirements, especially with jobs where I work from home (these are tough! wouldn’t recommend it!). It feels like I never have a chance to just cut myself off from any of these things, there’s always something that’s pulling on my attention, whether actual work that needs to be done or just the stress in trying to schedule everything.

These recaps feel like they’re becoming more serious but that’s kind of what’s been going around in my head lately. Really can’t wait for a normal schedule — definitely the most exciting thing about starting an “adult” life.

Hope you all had a great week and enjoy the weekend! I do have more bookish things to share with you soon so we’ll get back on topic in the coming weeks 😛

PS If you have tips to share on school/work balance, I’d love to hear it! (and I’m sure other readers would too 🙂 )

Also, I mentioned it on my social media, but I hit 200 followers at the beginning of the week! Thank you all so much, and I hope I haven’t driven you all away with my stressful rants! 😛


3 thoughts on “Check-in

  1. It can sometimes be a whole lot to handle and everything is become real too fast, and too quickly. I hope managing it all doesn’t end up being absolutely awful for you, and that you can manage everything on your plate. Don’t be afraid to drop one or two things if the two do list is becoming too long and too hard to handle – your well being is most important on top of other things!

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  2. Ahhh, I totally understand what you’re talking about re: looking forward to work/life balance after school. I’ve had a few times where I got to experience that (i.e. just going to work and then coming home with no other obligations) and it was pretty great for my blogging habits because I could just write whenever I wanted and didn’t have to use up my brainpower on homework first, haha. Unfortunately, I don’t have any advice for school/work balance – I just keep my work hours low and I don’t do any volunteering ^^;

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